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  1. I signed up even though I was already on the list, because I need a Kindle 2, man. I’m hurtin’ bad.

  2. Pro Lib — You will love it. I have a Kindle 1, and it has changed my life.

  3. I’m awash with anticipation.

  4. Do we have to use those fake names on our birth certificate, or can I use the name I gave me?

  5. TofuSushi,

    Only if the name you gave you was GivetheKindle2toProLibertate.

  6. No fucking way.The Kochtopus will rent my email address out to the Bilderbergers and the CFR.

  7. Do we get 3x the chance to win if we sign up for all three?

    I so desperately need a Kindle 2!

  8. Will you be writing about this?

    A Leadership of Cowards?
    Why is Eric Holder embarrassed about enforcing civil rights in Noxubee County?

    By Hans A. von Spakovsky

    Attorney General Eric Holder calls the U.S. “a nation of cowards” because we “do not talk enough about race.” I find this ironic, since the Justice Department seems embarrassed about a recent judgment in its favor by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. U.S. v. Ike Brown is a major Voting Rights Act case involving intentional race-based discrimination by local officials in Noxubee County, Miss.

    When the Fifth Circuit issued its decision on February 27, there was complete silence from Justice. The department typically issues a press release after any significant litigation victory, and the Civil Rights Division trumpets every success. But not here. The silence from the nation’s leading news outlets was also deafening: Not a word was published about the case by the New York Times, the Washington Post, or any other major publication. Why? Because the offensive conduct at issue did not conveniently track with the Left’s view of race discrimination.

    The Noxubee County case presents a deeply disturbing account of some of the most egregious racial discrimination the Justice Department has encountered in decades. In Noxubee, 80 percent of Democrats are black; 20 percent are white. (There are some Republicans as well, but the number is negligible.) The chairman of the Democratic party, Ike Brown, is black, and he, along with the Noxubee County Democratic Executive Committee, set about to effectively disenfranchise white voters.

    The court decision shows that Brown had his own local version of Tammany Hall, and local election officials followed his orders. This included publishing in the local newspaper a list of 174 white Democratic voters whose eligibility he intended to challenge if they tried to vote in an upcoming election. According to the court, Brown compiled the list based on the individuals’ perceived lack of support for black candidates. One voter testified that she was so intimidated she didn’t vote. Another testified that she was so scared she felt she couldn’t approach the polls alone.

    The court also found that Brown took measures to ensure that absentee ballots from black voters were automatically counted even if they didn’t comply with Mississippi law, while absentee ballots from white voters with the same deficiencies were challenged and not counted. He even reviewed many absentee ballots the night before an election, placing notes on them saying which should be counted and which should be rejected.

    One victim, whose absentee ballot was basically stolen by the defendants and whose signature on the application and ballot envelope were obviously forged, was brought in a second time to testify after she was confronted by a member of the local Democratic party following her initial testimony. The witness was told that “we black people need to stick together” and was urged to testify that she “probably didn’t understand what [she was] being asked” during the first go-around.

    The court also found that Brown recruited black individuals to run for office against white incumbents despite knowing that they didn’t meet residency requirements; refused to appoint whites as poll workers; and sent out Democratic party members to give unrequested “assistance” to black voters, marking their ballots for them and telling them how to vote. All of this was intended to dilute the voting strength of white voters and to achieve his goal, which he openly expressed – “that all of the county’s elected officials should be black.”

    more at:

  9. Can you put that on a Kindle, Beatrice?

  10. Interesting Article!

  11. Third prize is, you’re fired.

  12. would love to win this to read on during long office days or plane flights

  13. I want one to read stories about making breakfast for lesbian couples and being called kitten for doing such a good job.

    I wonder if there are many stories like that on kindle, or would I need to seek permission to write some?

  14. “I want one to read stories about making breakfast for lesbian couples and being called kitten for doing such a good job.”

    You know a lesbian couple? That is SO cool.

  15. Meh, I’d sign up but the forms aren’t secure. Can’t have just anyone knowing my name and e-mail…

  16. I wouldnt even place my fake email on your list.

  17. You know a lesbian couple? That is SO cool.

    More than one, actually. You need to get out more. They are all around you.

  18. I’m a crrraaaaazzzzy libertarian! If anyone learns my email, the feds will take my guns, my medicinal plants, and send me to jail for tax evasion!!!

    Calm down you dorks, it’s an email address. Here’s hoping I win.

  19. Reason is just collecting our e-mail addresses to give to the FBI.

  20. I think the FBI already has a file on me.

    I never win anything… this would be a fanTABulous place to start!

  21. Jeez, xx. Who pissed in your Cheerios?

  22. I already read/watch almost everything that Reason puts out. I figure, though, that if my math is correct, based on the readership, and 10 winners picked, I have about about a 2-3% chance of winning a kindle, and similar chances to win a subscription…so why not?

  23. I’m more excited about this than I have any right to be.

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