Foreign Policy

30 years ago in reason: Thomas Winslow Hazlett, Robert Poole Jr., Gary Hudson


“The Honorable First Brother escorted a high-level delegation from the Libyan government, best known to American audiences as part-owners of the international terrorist syndicate. Billy [Carter]’s public statement, oft-quoted, was that the Libyans were worthy allies because ‘there’s a hell of a lot more Arabians than there is Jews.’”

â€"Thomas Winslow Hazlett, “Brother Billy”

“The official China news agency Hsinhua announced that the money and property confiscated from former capitalists during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution will be returned. Former businessmen and industrialists, termed ‘national bourgeoisie,’ will ‘recover huge sums in bank deposits and property.’”

â€"Robert Poole Jr., “The Not-So-Red East”

“Later in the decade of the ’80s, other opportunities for the near-term use of space will mature. Foremost amongst these will be the possibility of manufacturing in microgravity.”

â€"Gary Hudson, “Profits on High”