Jane Hall of Fox News on War, Journalism, and New Media

Nick Gillespie interviews the American Univ. Prof


In conjunction with The Interactive Media Studies Program at Miami University of Ohio, reason's Nick Gillespie co-taught a class last fall called "Poltics, Culture, and New Media."

The course explored the theory and practice of new media, especially as it relates to cultural and political journalistic outlets. In alternating weeks, the course took place in classroom spaces on the Miami University campus and Reason's D.C. offices, where Gillespie, a Ph.D. in literature and a 20-year veteran of journalism, led web-based videoconferences with journalists, authors, and policy analysts.

On December 3, Gillespie hosted a videoconference with American University communications professor Jane Hall, a regular on Fox News Channel's "News Watch" and a veteran of The Los Angeles Times and other publications. A frequent commentator on radio and television, Hall has appeared on The Charlie Rose Show, CNN, NPR, C-SPAN, and many other places. Her 2005 research on media self-censorship during the first Gulf War was lauded by the Columbia Journalism Review as "an important new study."

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Approximately one hour.