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Managing Editor Jesse Walker's weekly freeform radio show, Titicut Follies, will be broadcast on WCBN-FM this afternoon from 12 to 3, eastern time. If you live in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area, you can tune in at 88.3 FM; if you live elsewhere, you can listen online.

For more information about the show, go here. Playlists from previous programs are posted on Jesse's personal blog.

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  1. I am betting he ignores the Palestinian crisis again. 2,000 carbon credits!

  2. It take an arrogant, self-important SOB to name his show Titicut Follies.

  3. Sorry Jesse, but that’s Jim Rome’s slot.

  4. banter, how do you figure?

  5. “banter, how do you figure?”

    The original Titicut Follies was a film (that the government tried to supress) regarding this:

    Titicut Follies portrays the existence of occupants of Bridgewater, some of them catatonic, holed up in unlit cells, only periodically washed down with a hose and taken out in order to receive force feeding. It also portrays the indifference and bullying on the part of the institution’s staff.

    Just before the film was due to be shown at the 1967 New York Film Festival, the government of Massachusetts tried to get an injunction banning its release.

    Jesse Walker spins discs on a little college radio show.

  6. Who wants to listen to the Jesse walker the propaganda pimp except loonies who already beieve the propaganda? And why post this for discussion anyway? What the fuck do you expect people to say, yippie?

  7. Lighten up, banter.

  8. Lefiti, you are so right! And awesome!

    I wish I could be just like you someday!

    Where have you been? I missed you. You’re looking good…

  9. Yeah, I know about Wiseman’s doc. I took his attribution of the title to be a play on the Titicut Follies in the film – a farce done by the mentally ill.

  10. “Lighten up, banter.”


    Wow, that Jesse Walker is so cool! And I just love his radio show! I think it’s called Titty Fucking Follies or something like that. I’d give anything just to kiss his feet in worship!

  11. It’s called Titty Cutting Follies, banter, and that’s much more interesting.

    You might not want to have so much speed this early in the day, dude. It makes you irritable.

  12. BakedPenguin has interpreted the reference correctly. For more information on the film, go here.

  13. Jesse has a lot of patience. Banter: you suck.

  14. Don’t scare him off. I want him to do that feet thing.

  15. Hum, the name of that show is too extreme even for me. Not into the mutilation play.

  16. come on jesse we know you wrote this blog post, man up to your self-promotion!

  17. Unbelievable. Not only does the propaganda pimp post this shit, but he actually reads the fucking comments and responds to them. Jesse, get a fucking real job.

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