Now Playing at Producer Clay Epstein on Filmmaking During a Recession


What happens when guitar legends Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White collaborate on a rock documentary? What's mistake should aspiring filmmakers avoid if they really want to get their movies made? How did longtime adversaries come together to create a better Batman?

Independent producer and consultant Clay Epstein answers these questions and tells's Ted Balaker how the the economic crisis will color what moviegoers see on the big screen.

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  1. That’s guitar legend. Page.

  2. A Guitar god
    A pretentious cod
    and a immature fraud

  3. IMO, Bonham was a fair part of Page’s godliness.

  4. Do not besmirch the Plant, either.

    U2, I acknowledge, but the Edge is not some supremo guitarist, a fact that’s generally recognized. Legend–harummph.

  5. Page, Gilmour, SRV, and of course Django. Shades of Django are found in many others.

  6. Gilmour is a mechanic, and Page is not much more. SRV and Django . . . now those are Artistes, my friend.

  7. Balaker: [monotone mumble, monotone mumble, monotone mumble, monotone mumble, …]

    Epstein: [syntactically incoherent drivel…talks about mother…insults movie goers]

    that about sums it up. boring.

  8. I’m not going to call Jack White a guitar legend – but I’m not going to shit on him either. The dude makes good music. His production is better than his guitar skills.

  9. What’s mistake

    What mistakes

  10. This guy is wrong. Movies are doing better at the box office than they were a year ago, and Slumdog Millionaire is going to be one of the best selling small budget movies of all time.

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