The Talk Show, Episode 12: Featuring Reason's Nick Gillespie and Michael C. Moynihan, with guests Dayo Olopade and Nick Schulz

|'s Michael C. Moynihan and Nick Gillespie sit down with Dayo Olopade, Washington reporter for The Root, and Nick Schultz, editor-in-chief of The American, to discuss Obama-era gentrification, Web journalism, and the stimulus as an "investment in America's future."

Approximately 20 minutes. Shot and edited by Dan Hayes.

Click here for an archive of previous episodes of the talkshow and here to embed this video.


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  1. Pretty good. Nice to hear a non-libertarian (or less-libertarian) voice for contrast. Still gotta work on that conversationus interruptus. I get that you want to keep the conversation loose and free-flowing, but maybe you could let a guest complete a full sentence once in a while? But overall a good show.

  2. Its ok Micheal…when sitting next to sexy smart black women i also laugh overzealously at reverse racist jokes and feel compelled to explain them.

  3. Gillespie really doesn?t know what he?s talking about when it comes the federal government vs. the state government when it comes to violating the rights of minorities. Buying into the simplistic federal government protector of blacks vs. evil local government is intellectually lazy.

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