Now Playing at Radley Balko and Michael C. Moynihan at the 2009 Students for Liberty Conference


On Sunday, February 22, Reason Senior Editors Radley Balko and Michael C. Moynihan addressed the second annual Students For Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C. Speaking on a panel titled "The Greatest Threats to Liberty Today," Balko made the case for ending the drug war and Moynihan advocated vigorously fighting against abridgements of free speech on campus.

Click below for video; go here and here for audio and here and here for embed code.

And go here for Editor in Chief Nick Gillespie keynote address, "Why You're Living in the Libertarian Moment and What You Can Do to Keep and Expand Your Freedom."


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  1. Besides the SPLC, how many far-left, free speech opponents has Reason linked to approvingly? Where’s the archivist? Is she on Ragnar’s ship?

  2. Shut the fuck up, Lonewacko.

  3. Wow, the Students for Liberty Conference. That’s right up there with Tibetan Stamp Collectors. Donate now!

  4. Damn Warty!

    You should waited until Lefiti posted. He would have touched LoneWhacko and, like matter and anti-matter, they would have eliminated each other…

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  6. Thanks for posting these. I live a few block from GWU so I went to the late morning and afternoon sessions but missed these.

    It was a great conference, with a couple of hundred student group leaders from Europe, Latin America, Asia and north America.

    When I was a student we didn’t have anything like this so it is certainly a sign of growth in the infrastructure of the anti-statist movement. I suppose that’s why the first couple of termites who posted find it disturbing. I am always amazed at alleged “leftists” and the stupidity of their attacks on anti-statists and their defenses of their little flop eared Mussolini, both hear on and elsewhere. There is no there there in their empty little animal skulls.

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