Roland Burris Has Enormous…Credentials


Dubious Blagojevich appointee Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill.) not only won't resign his seat. He's running again in 2010. He'll obviously be running on his impressive credentials. Check out his accomplishments page:

burris is impressive

Via The Plank

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  1. Hey, I would vote for HIM if I could! A guy who does absolutely NOTHING is MUCH LESS DESTRUCTIVE than an arrogant a$$hole that does something, like Il Duce and his pet bitch, Pelosi...

  2. I'm with FTG on this. Give me a do-nothing senator any day of the week, even if he did buy the seat.


  3. How about "Voted for the stimulus bill without reading it"?

    If the web person needs more, they could just insert the text that's already on his tombstone.

  4. That's just mean.

    I like it, but still ...

  5. With impressive accomplishments like those he listed, no wonder he has so many endorsements:

  6. Your blog post is racist, Katherine.


  7. If there was ever a state comptroller who's accomplishments were less than zero, it's Roland Burris.

  8. This is awesome. I hope the GOP nominates Alan Keyes again, cause that will be one hell of an entertaining campaign.

  9. To be fair, "accomplishments" on the website no doubt is meant to refer to Senatorial accomplishments, and he's only been there little more than a month.

    I'm sure, by 2010, he'll have a list of accomplishments there. If he's still running, accomplishment #1 will be: "Avoided Indictment".

  10. Cool! Is this like "Winky Dink", where you put plastic over the screen and write in your own?!

    And kids: no writing on the screen without the special plastic screen.


    The website is obviously incomplete and under construction, the man has many accomplishments in his 30+ years in public service. geesh

  12. Judge a man by the color of his skin, not his lack of character.

  13. The website is obviously incomplete and under construction, the man has many accomplishments in his 30+ years in public service.

    Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.

  14. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.

    Being a modern day Ozymandias is more correct than you might think.

    See also here and here for more pics.

  15. He also looks like he straps on his face with baling wire every morning, and asks questions in a way that reminds you of Vincent Price when he's been smoking Arkansas polio weed for a couple of weeks.

  16. N.B.
    "Burris has held a number of different civic positions during his career, including Chairman of the Illinois Commission of African-American Males (1992-1994), the National Association of Attorneys General Civil Rights Commission (1993-1995), and the Illinois State Justice Commission (1994-1996). Burris was Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Illinois Government, President of the National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers (1981-1982), and a Trustee for both the Financial Accounting Foundation (1991-1994) and the Government Finance Officers Association of U.S. and Canada (1987-1991). He was a Member of the Board of the Better Business Bureau (2008), the Auditorium Theater of Chicago (2001-2006), and the National Center for Responsible Gaming (1996-2005).

    Burris is also a rank and file member of the Howard University Law School Alumni Association, the Southern Illinois University Foundation, the Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago, the U.S. Jaycees, Chicago Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Southern Illinois Alumni Association, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the Western Consistory of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Free Masons, and Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Beta Boule.

    [edit] Recognitions and awards
    100 Most Influential Black Americans, Ebony Magazine (1979-1995)
    Ten Most Distinguished Alumni in the History of the University - Wall of Fame, Southern Illinois University Carbondale (1997)
    Distinguished Accomplishments in the Field of Law, National Bar Association (1993)
    One of the Top Three Government Financial Officers in the Nation, City and State Magazine (1989)
    Hall of Fame, Centralia, Illinois
    Honorary Doctors of Laws Degree, National Louis University, Evanston, Illinois
    Honorary Doctors of Laws Degree, Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, Mississippi "

  17. "the Western Consistory of Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Free Masons"

    most intriguing thing on his resume

  18. Let's be honest...that accomplishment page is most likely left over from the previous occupant of Burris' congressional seat, B. Hussein Obama, and he just has not had time to update it.

    His best strategy would be to just start running immediately for President just as the former holder, B. Hussein Obama set the precedent.

    When was the last time that this Seat actually had a representative with experience or accomplishments. The web page will probably crash from shock when the Admin actually puts data it.

  19. His accomplishments are listed here:
    this hilarious bit of information about your would-be new junior Senator from Illinois, Roland "Don't Lynch Me" Burris: "Just so you know, that nice old black man who is set to become the next US Senator from Illinois is well prepared.
    He has already built a tombstone - actually, more of a monument - with all his accomplishments listed on it. Planning ahead, he has left extra space for additional accomplishments:

  20. "Hall of Fame, Centralia, Illinois"

    Woah. That's enough right there to call it a succesful career!

  21. "We have come to Burris Caesar, not to praise him..."

  22. I expect Burris to run for president next time around. He's more experienced than Obama was.

  23. is this racist. its hard to tell anymore

  24. Not surprisingly, the donations page is looking just fine!

  25. Hey let's vote for him!
    No accomplishments means no earmarks, no pork, no entitlements, no new taxes!!!

  26. Filbert wrote, "He's more experienced than Obama was."

    So were Cheney and Rumsfeld. How'd they do?

    At some point you might want to retire that "experience" line and come up with a fresh excuse for being dismissive.

  27. PCM 2:40 am,
    What you got from Wikipedia is what is engraved on the man's mausoleum. Burris is a real piece of work, of course here in Chicago the Democrats are all Rod Blagojevich's.

  28. It's a spotless record. This guy should run for President!

  29. "So were Cheney and Rumsfeld. How'd they do?"


    I know that in some circles the names of Cheney and Rumsfeld have diabolic powers but that is a circle of the ignorant. Obama, as Jesse Jackson put it so well, ain't never run nothin' but his mouth.

    Of course, that was "mouf".

  30. I think that Senator Burris has a lifetime of dedication to public service, and it is easily ignored by fools. Many of the senators as well as senators-wanta-be have no real public service. Being white, rich and connected should not be the primary criteria. Caroline Kennedy almost because senator with no public service,and Secretary Clinton moved from nothing to senator to Secretary, merely as a wife of a President.

  31. Burris has no business being in the US Senate. He only received one vote, and that voter was removed from office as a result.

    Doesn't Illinois have a recall effort or a way for the legislature to call a special election. Illinois deserves a real senator and Burris has no legitimacy.

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