"Milton Friedman Proud Father of Global Misery"


Following up on Nick Gillespie's post on Sen. Bernie Sanders' silly rant about how Milton Friedman's "ideology caused enormous damage to the American middle class and to working families here and around the world," I snapped the following photo of an anti-Friedman sticker adorning a newspaper box on the walk to Reason HQ this morning:

The fine print at the bottom reads: "Part of the series: People I'm Really Hating These Days." There's no other attribution, which may or may not mean that Shepard Fairey is now proceeding with caution.

For a definitive explanation of why Friedman deserves none of the hate or blame heaped on him by the likes of Sanders, Naomi Klein, and other leftists, see Johan Norberg's classic Reason feature "Defaming Milton Friedman." For a detailed account of Friedman's many accomplishments, see Brian Doherty's "The Life and Times of Milton Friedman." And for the last word, here's the man himself: