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On January 16,'s Michael C. Moynihan and Nick Gillespie sat down with Karol Boudreaux, a senior research fellow at The Mercatus Center's Enterprise Africa! project and Stephen Schwartz, head of the Center for Islamic Pluralism and author of the new book The Other Islam.

In a wide-ranging and freewheeling discussion, Boudreaux and Schwartz disussed developmental economics, the role of Islam in world politics, trade policy, and whether President Barack Obama represents a clear break with the past or continuity with it.

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Shot and edited by Dan Hayes.

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  1. Ouch, ouch ouch. Please stop with that awful fauxmercial. The announcer’s voice at the end is just painful. (Overall it’s not bad.)

    How about replacing it with an actual product plug or two? That might bring in some revenue.

    Or make another commercial.

  2. Moynihan,
    It seems you are trying to spread the notion than we need to wipe muslims off the face of the Earth in order to have peace. As if the true radicalizing agents(the Wahabist) are not supported by the US foreign aid, Kissinger Associates, the Carlyle Group and the rest of the military industrial complex.

  3. I agree with the patsy killer – the faux-mercial has had its run.

    The actual show was good, though.

  4. Gabe,
    I haven’t a clue what your talking about. The only thing I said about Islam in that segment was that both the far reaches of the right and left are both wrong about what ails the Muslim world. Did you actually watch the show?


  5. Schwartz and Boudreaux were very interesting and professional. I learned much, but I found Moynihan and Gillespie too flip. Their questions in the last minutes of the interview seemed off target, and I thought they could have used that time to pull more information out their guests. All in all this was a worthwhile show.
    P.S. I enjoyed the fauxmerical, but it was the first time I saw it.

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