Change North Koreans Can Believe In


Tyrannical dictator, action star (Team America: World Police), and opera theorist Kim Jong Il has reportedly named number-three son his successor to lead the world's worst country. As of press time, it was not immediately clear what the twentysomething Kim Jong Un had done to warrant such punishment.

From an AP account:

Cheong Seong-chang, a North Korea specialist at the independent Sejong Institute, said the reported choice of Jong Un seemed to be a feasible scenario.

"Jong Un has leadership (qualities) and a desire to grab power," Cheong told The Associated Press, adding that he thought he was the most qualified of the three sons to lead North Korea at a difficult time.

Other reports have Kim Jong Il's oldest son, Kim Jong Nam, taking over, at least until former Detroit Lions coach Rod Marinelli, fired after leading his team to a historic 0-16 record last year, could be interviewed for the position.

And all of these plans are predicated upon the disputed notion that Kim Jong Il, believed by at least himself to be semi-divine, will actually die, even after recent strokes.

Here's hoping that whatever eventually happens makes the North Koreans, really the most punished people on the planet, at least slightly better off. Reason on North Korea here.

Don't forget the Pynongyang remix of "Obama Kids: Sing for Change":