Now at The Talk Show featuring Michael C. Moynihan and Nick Gillespie, with guests Sallie James and Sam MacDonald


On December 19,'s Nick Gillespie and Michael C. Moynihan sat down with Australian-born Cato Institute trade policy analyst Sallie James and memoirist and former Reason magazine staffer Sam MacDonald, whose new book is The Urban Hermit, a slacker update of sorts of Ben Franklin's Autobiography.

Topics covered include the future of free trade under President Obama, what it's like to grow up in Australia, the future of libertarian politics, and whether lentils, which are a huge part of MacDonald's memoir, are inherently awful.

Approximately 25 minutes. Go here for embed code, related links, and past episodes of the talk show. Go here for an audio podcast.

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  1. Who wants to bet that Moynihan has aqvavit in his mug?

  2. Did anyone ask Sallie how she got her PHD in babeatude?

  3. I think it’s slivowitz.

  4. Sallie James is quite the looker. I enjoyed her coverage of the Doha as well.

  5. Hottest. Guest. Ever.

    And Sallie James isn’t bad looking, either.

  6. I mostly concur on James, although the scarf was a bad idea. Too bad she isn’t as smart as she’s good looking and could subscribe to a valid ideology.

    I don’t get sound here, but for the sake of those who don’t know better, Obama supports “free” trade. So much so that he’s a supporter of one of Bush’s “free” trade scams, one that’s conducted without much scrutiny by Congress or the media at all.

    Too bad shills can’t be honest enough to at least hint about what BHO really supports.

  7. Did you guys hear something?

  8. man, gillespie is funny as all hell. where’s his pbs show?

  9. What’s with the scarf? Is she Amanda Bellows? Are they remaking McMillan & Wife? A “Young Maude” prequel?
    Memories of tugging it to a 70’s Spiegel catalog suddenly coming back to me…

  10. Agree about Nick; the guests can rarely keep up with him. Sally was fun and witty but the former fattie was kinda boring. I can’t believe he actually got a publisher for such a dull sounding book; who wants to read about some schlub’s diet? Zzzzzzzz. His book proposal must have been amazing…

  11. My guess is that the scarf is the result of a nasty koala bite. They are deceptively slow, you know? You don’t think they are moving towards you, and then, through the course of an afternoon, WHAM! you’ve got an eucalyptus infused jugular.

    A good piece though the sendout needs a lot of work.

  12. …who wants to read about some schlub’s diet?

    What are Oprah’s ratings recently?

  13. BP,

    Ratings? Oprah doesn’t need no stinkin’ ratings. She’s getting her own network, called, in fact, OWN. I imagine that the network’s logo will have a picture of her face that viewers will see all the time. Her logo will be animated, with the face swelling with fat, then thinning. Swelling. Thinning. Swelling.

  14. Thanks, Pro L. I’m never gonna sleep again.

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