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Now Playing at Do You Really Want to Live in a World Where Giant Inflatable Apes Are Banned?

| presents a review of 2008's really annoying Nanny State bans.

Created by Ted Balaker.

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Reason magazine on The Nanny State.

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  1. That was a little depressing.

  2. Dance, libtards, dance! Wee ha! Waaa hey!

  3. Wait a second. “Dance, libtards, dance!” is derived from “Dance, Monkey Boy, dance.” Which would make that a standard Hit & Run comment/joke. Lefiti is becoming one of us, one of us. We’re insidious that way. Welcome to libertarianism. Drinks are in the back, illegal drugs and prostitutes are upstairs.

    Giant, inflatable apes are a natural right.

  4. worst of all: some one, somewhere, is proud of their efforts to contain the inflatable ape menace.

  5. Lefiti is becoming one of us, one of us. We’re insidious that way. Welcome to libertarianism. Drinks are in the back, illegal drugs and prostitutes are upstairs.

    I predict Lefiti will never post again, he has gone out back and hung himself with artisian hemp rope.

  6. We just need to ban bans…

    Unless they ban together and ban ban bans.

  7. How do I know if I’m one of us?

  8. edcoast,

    If you think that freedom is libertarian worship word and that others will not speak it, then you’re one of us.

  9. Freedom from giant inflatable apes?

  10. Really, no one can be free from giant, inflatable apes.

  11. “How do I know if I’m one of us?”

    If you’re a social liberal, a fiscal conservative, have a slopped brow, a dislike of hippies and a general feeling that you’re empty inside.

  12. Get your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty state!

  13. The state will always attempt to increase it’s size and scope. This is the nature of the beast. You want a government? Then get used to this kind of shit.

  14. *its

  15. Noooooo! I’ll never join you! I kiss the cold dead hand of the state! Mommy! Make it stop!

  16. If giant inflatable apes are illegal, only criminals will have giant inflatable apes !

    I of course will not be effected as my arms are full of my life size inflatable sheep.

  17. Gobble gobble!


  19. Sadly I can’t even laugh at this. The motherfuckers have banned bemused laughter in my state.

  20. Reason is a nest of control freaks! How else can you explain that incredibly annoying popup ad that won’t even let me scroll to the freaking close button??? Take care of your own nanniness first.

  21. Great video and commentary!

  22. First they came for the giant inflatable apes…

  23. I’d be okay with Giant Inflatable Apes if they were approved by popular vote, but using the courts to force Giant Inflatable Apes on the public is just wrong.

  24. Mmmmm, bacon dog….

  25. Barry | December 20, 2008, 2:12am


    What about a giant inflatable half-buried Statue of Liberty?

    “Oh my God. I’m back. I’m home. All the time, it was… We finally really did it. You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!”

    In this context, “blew it up” has a different meaning than the original.

  26. Well, at least they said “giant inflatable apes” and didn’t specify Barney Franks by name.

  27. This is madness!! What next? A ban on my not-so-giant Gina Lollobrigida doll? Not a world I want to live in at all… especially facing such a long cold winter….

    Curse you Nancy State types!

  28. I served with Giant Inflatable Ape; I knew Giant Inlfatable Ape; Giant Inflatable Ape was a friend of mine. You, sir, are no Giant Inflatable Ape.

  29. Being “annoying” in Brighton, MI will get you a ticket; however, the city attorney assures us those cases potentially violating free speech will be reviewed by the city. Gee thanks. Since I’m not in Brighton, MI I feel free to say this with impunity “You’re a bunch of spineless pin heads with your heads up collective behinds!”

  30. And “the children” will never know they aren’t really “free” as they remove more and more rights each generation, and the state indoctrination units across the country make sure of it…

  31. Nothing in this video surprised me, but I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry after viewing it.

  32. A planet where giant inflatable apes evolved from giant inflatable men?!?!

  33. You forgot that they banned lead in toys. The CPSIA goes into full effect Feb. 10, 2009, but it was passed back in August.

  34. Politicians don’t have the nuts to ban giant inflatable rats.

  35. How long until booze is band in bars?! Administrators have banned all that stuff! They banned soda! Even diet soda. This is going too far. Skittles are banned in Los Angeles.

  36. I’m a student at UF and the video is slightly misleading. The measure banned “common source containers” (ie. kegs) and, basically, activities that promote binge drinking – but only on campus. That pretty much only rules out lame-ass parties at frat houses and the possession of kegs by of-age individuals living on campus.

    The first I have no qualms about, but the second does bother me.

    We weren’t rated the #1 party school for throwing down on Frat row.

  37. How do you ban “toe in” surfing? Will there be police on the beach inspecting the surfers out on the water?

    I speak from ignorance because I don’t even know what toe in surfing is…

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