Bumper Sticker Dissonance?


My wife reported seeing a car with two interesting bumper stickers this morning. The first was the famously tolerant COEXIST bumper sticker (ubiquitous on the backends of Priuses here in the People's Republic of Charlottesville).  Example below:

On the back of the same automobile was a bumper sticker reading:

Protect Our Children: Kill a Pedophile

Hmmm. I could find no images on the internet of this bumper sticker, so I'm wondering if it's home-made. Presumably most of the religious beliefs depicted on the COEXIST sticker are against pedophilia. (OK, OK. Some traditions can be more flexible on this point.) 

I noted an earlier study that found that cars bearing bumper stickers tend to harbor aggressive drivers.

Disclosure: The only bumper adornment I have on my car is a Darwin fish. Image below: