Howard Dean: "We Cannot Continue to Spend 16 Percent of Our GNP on Health Care. Period."


Talking on the generally excellent and substantive Morning Joe today, DNC head Howard Dean, an M.D., former governor of Vermont, and legendary presidential screamer says, "We cannot continue to spend 16 prcent of our GNP on health care. Period."

He added that he "thinks the decisions should be made at the individual level."

And that he's against "corporate care."

Confused? I am, and it's not just the corporate prescription pharmaceuticals. Just wait until the hard-core health-care reform roposals start hitting the ground in late January.

Also on Morning Joe: Co-host Mika Brzezinski, whose former National Security Adviser father Zbigniew appears on the show from time to time, avers that there's "something slightly distasteful" about the Kennedy name opening doors for Lady Caroline to become the next carpet-bagging senator from New York.