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|—the online video journalism project of the Reason Foundation, the nonprofit publisher of this website—is seeking talented individuals interested in advancing the message of Free Minds and Free Markets through video journalism and related multimedia productions.

The Searle Film Fellowship at is a year-long, full-time program that gives aspiring video journalists the opportunity to create substantive, original content.  Initial responsibilities will depend on experience and could range from research assistance to video editing to producing independent pieces.

Fellows will also participate in training in production techniques appropriate to their skill level. Fellowships are full-time, salaried positions with benefits. 

Resourcefulness, a willingness to pick up miscellaneous tasks, and reliability are a must. The ideal candidate will also have a strong interest in libertarian ideas, the field of documentary filmmaking or video journalism, and familiarity with shooting and/or editing.

Applicants at any level of experience will be considered.  Please submit a resume and cover letter to Amy Pelletier at by December 10, 2008. 

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  1. Next year.

  2. Where is the job location?

  3. The ad forgot to mention that one of the perks of the job is all the bacon-wrapped, street-vended hot dogs you can eat. On the downside, you’re never allowed to wear a cool leather jacket lest you upstage Nick Gillespie.

    I kid!

    But, seriously, wouldn’t Reason get more famous if they did things like this guy does things? Or, how about a less bombastic version of this guy?

    Crikey, even being like MikeStark or MaxBlumenthal would be an improvement over Reason’s current sub-tepid offerings.


    *shakes fist in air*

  5. is this job better than my current job? is there random drug testing? will you hold my hand?

  6. I agree with Orange Line Special–Reason definitely needs a TV channel to get the message out, but they should be hiring Hollywood professionals to fix things rather than bringing in additional amateurs, no matter how well meaning and ideologically sound. Spend the money on pros who can immediately recruit sexier guests, get better music, and upgrade production values.

  7. If I ever saw one of’s productions I’ve thankfully forgotten all about it. However, my point wasn’t that they get slicker. My point was that they should try to make people in power uncomfortable. Like MikeStark, but with QuestionsAboutPolicy. For instance: “Senator so-and-so, you support X, but that will lead to Y. And, you say you’re against Y. Would you care to explain either why you actually support Y, or why you think X won’t lead to Y. Because, it’s got to be one of those two. Please help me understand what exactly it is that you support.”

    Of course, Reason is just a bunch of hacks, and they’d never do anything like that lest they lose their funding and their party invites.

  8. Bravo. A good decision to bring someone in. Maybe now your videos will look like someone actually cares.

    Tip: the duvetyne over the window looks even worse. You’ve now got a black hole in the middle of your frame. UGLY. Slap a Reason logo on it, and it won’t be such an eyesore. Better still, invest $10 in a neutral density gel sheet and hang that over the window. Then you can show those nice wooden venetian blinds without the light problems.

    Oh, and get your guests a little table for their coffee cups, for christs sake.

  9. Shit, I might need a job soon.

    The ideal candidate will also have a strong interest in libertarian ideas, the field of documentary filmmaking or video journalism, and familiarity with shooting and/or editing.

    I’ve got the first 2 “qualifications” down pat.
    I am skilled in using optical and electronic devices to collect and edit geospatial data can I count that towards video shooting and editing?

    Too bad this is probably in DC or California. I don’t mind relocating but I’d hate to leave “Real America” for one of those less patriotic places.Unless it is Manhattan with a housing allowance.

  10. I’m an 18-year-old girl with plenty of internet video experience, can I sign up? *coyly plays with bra strap and pouts*

  11. I think Reason should hire her. Then, I can be hired to turn her around.

  12. Or, hire her or her.

    Get some of that JamesKotecki action happenin’.

  13. Lonewhacko-

    I’ve seen some of the shit you’ve uploaded to YouTube. If there’s anyone in this thread who isn’t qualified to criticize the video production of, let alone, well, anyone else’s vids, it’s you. Your shit is some of the most incompetently made, unwatchable, poorly edited video ever encoded.

    I could probably find an illegal immigrant who’d do a better job at half the cost.

  14. leave LONEWACKO alone!

  15. Seriously, where the fuck is the job location? D.C. or L.A.?

  16. Sadly, my Democratic Party satire never took off, only getting 2300+ views. However, the comments on this make having made it all worthwhile. For those who want something more sporty, here’s a mountain biking video from my POV.

  17. Ooh ooh! Aah Aah!
    I walks on me knuckles!

  18. Wow, now THAT seems like it would be a really cool job dude. I like it.


  19. Does Reason ever have jobs for professional librarians?

  20. “I could probably find an illegal immigrant who’d do a better job at half the cost.”

    LOL, media! woo hoo

  21. SIV,

    I don’t think they allow cockfighting in L.A. or D.C. Sorry buddy.


    You got OLS to shill for you? I’m sold. You deserve the job.

  22. Have a look at this video:

    I think this is the kind of stuff Reason TV should feature from neighborhoods around America facing similar problems.

  23. I just saw the “duvetyne” referred to above (as well as Nick’s ClipOnSideburns). That (the cloth, not the sideburns) is not covering a window, it’s covering where they keep Weigel.

    Say, this Bill Richardson video is making the rounds. If Reason had wanted to actually do something they would have asked him exactly what he meant over a series of several polite-but-pointed questions. Instead, all we get is a “duvetyne” and ClipOnSideburns.

  24. It is also a big help if applicants display a great capacity for confirmation bias when it comes to the immutablly true principles of libertarianism. Tales of SWAT triumphs such as actually saving anybody’s life are a big no-no.

  25. Also, applicants should enjoy Kashamari (the meat of the Kochtopus).

  26. Just don’t post anything horrible like this

  27. Introducing the latest Internet video sensation, starring OLS & Lefiti:


  28. Has Lefiti been spoofed yet again, or is he now shilling for the police state as well as the social welfare state and the corporate welfare state?

  29. BakedPenguin,

    If only there was some kind of troll thunderdome. Now THAT would be awesome!

  30. Naga – that would be great, even if the movie from which the idea is taken wasn’t. As it is, they’re already smearing shit over everything, so my comment was redundant.

  31. You claim to stand for “liberty” and then spend your careers, your time and your money trying to bum-kiss your way into the parties and good graces of the very people whom you supposedly oppose. Rancid, impotent hypocrites!

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