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Where's Sock Puppet's Bailout?: The great, unlamented mascot of the tech bubble bust, Pets.com's Sock Puppet, comes to Washington with his paw out.

The Reason.tv Talk Show with Nick Gillespie and Michael C. Moynihan. Guests on episode five include Reason editor in chief Matt Welch and the Cato Institute's David Boaz talking about 40 years of Reason magazine, the future of the libertarian movement, and just how godawful the past two months have been for "Free Minds and Free Markets."

John Gartner: In Search of Bill Clinton. Gartner, a psychologist and author of The Hypomanic Temperament has written an in-depth, heavily reported account of the man who will once again be haunting the White House, this time as husband to the new Secretary of State. What makes Bill Clinton tick? And more important, what makes him explode?

Robert L. Bradley, Jr.: Obama's Enron Problem. Capitalism at Work author and former Enron insider explains how President-elect Barack Obama's alt-energy plans are so much hooey that borrow from the tactics of one of the most-reviled corporations in U.S. history. And how Gov. George W. Bush helped make Enron into the phoney-baloney behemoth it became.

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  1. Gee, that Robert Bradley interview really sucks. The guy had a ringside seat at one of the great financial meltdowns, one that seems like a sneak preview of the current credit crisis, and all he can say is that, like Obama, the Enron guys talked about green energy. Weak, weak, weak!

  2. The market always works perfectly even when it doesn’t, and government will always predictably screw up in ways the market might if it weren’t perfect which it is.

  3. Die, Straw Man, die!!!!!!

  4. I haven’t posted on this thread yet, fools!

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