Reason Talkers Around Town: Nick Gillespie on "The Libertarian Dime"


Earlier this week, the guys behind The Libertarian Dime, Shane and Jonathan, caught up via phone with reason's Nick Gillespie for a wide-ranging 30-minute conversation on gay marriage, the constitution, bailouts, Bob Barr, and much more.

From the show's description:

Shane and Jonathan had the great pleasure of interviewing Nick Gillespie, the current editor of and, and past editor of Reason Magazine. Nick was gracious enough to come on to the Libertarian Dime and discuss the election and other libertarian issues.  It was a great interview, where Nick brought a level of intellectualism to the Dime that hasn't been on previosly. The second half of the show was the long running series of trying to convert Josh Brady, currently a Republican, to a Libertarian, or at the minimum a libertarian. A great show overall that one shouldn't miss!

To listen to the show and check out past episodes, go here.