The Talk Show featuring Nick Gillespie, Michael C. Moynihan, Mary Katherine Ham, & Robert Corn-Revere


The latest installment of the Talk Show with Michael C. Moynihan and Nick Gillespie features blogger and O'Reilly Factor regular Mary Katherine Ham, First Amendment lawyer Robert Corn-Revere in a freewheeling conversation about politics, censorship, and more.

Approximately 20 minutes.

For an audio podcast, go here.

For embed code, go here.

NEXT: Will We Wake Up in 1933?

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  1. Mary Katherine Ham is really, really hot but I’m still not going to watch this.

  2. I like that “McCain: Myth of a Maverick” book propped up oh-so-innocently in the background!

  3. If Reason wants to increase their view counts, maybe they could interview Annie Sprinkle for her take on today’s feminism. Then, ask her why she turned me down once.

  4. Watching this was a good way to kill time before the polls close. Mary K seems very cool; weird how her voice sounds just like Megan McArdle’s from the previous show.

  5. I’m not necessarily a fan of that style of retro sneakers, but at least they match her outfit better than Megan’s sandals did the other day.

    Now I’m wondering what’s behind the big black cloth on the wall. More bricks, and maybe a window, or entrance to the secret Reason command center? Or just Nick Gillespie’s old pre-internet porn stash…

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