You Can Get Anything You Want…


I asked for it, I got it:

[Via Red State Rebels.]

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  1. Love it. I grew up on folk music — I hate to admit I knew his father’s music before his — these times need good folk singers.

  2. That’s actually quite good… and funny!

  3. The problem is, the price for gold & silver — despite all the harbingers of inflation inherent in these socialist bailouts — is going DOWN. It’s almost as if (gasp) THOSE markets are also manipulated & dishonest, especially in light of how easy it is to buy paper versions of gold & silver, but how hard it is to buy the metal versions of the same thing. Just like GATA’s been saying and the MSM’s been ignoring since the Clinton Administration, in fact. IOW, there’s some big Bill Murphy “I told you so” that’s about to happen, if my guess is right.

  4. All you would be satirical-song writers out there, take this lesson.

  5. I love gold bugs. Always good for a smile.
    (But come the apocalypse, just try wiping your ass with a Kruggerand.)

  6. A kruggerand will buy plenty of asswipe, and frankly, green paper that increasingly resembles asswipe would work better than yellow metal for the task.

  7. Gold’s value, come the apocalypse, is in the eye of the beholder (kind of like FRNs). Oh, you can make shiny toys with it, but still…
    When it comes to the outhouse, show me the Benjamins.

  8. The problem is, the price for gold & silver — despite all the harbingers of inflation inherent in these socialist bailouts — is going DOWN.

    I wrote about the gold bubble before. It’s not all that large a bubble, but there was definitely excess demand for commodities, which has driven the price of gold higher (or, as I like to say, it has driven the price of money lower).

  9. Let’s ignore the apocalypes, fun as it is to yammer-about, and concentrate on this week. Why do you suppose, in the face of OBVIOUS harbingers of extreme hyperinflation, gold & silver would go DOWN in USD price is question 1. Question 2, in light of your answer to #1, is “why are physical supplies so short the US Mint is blatantly-lying about “unprecedented demand” for coins as if 1999 never happened?

  10. Jozef, things are just a bit different now than they were in mid March, and not just for gold/silver.

  11. So, JMR, are you personally having trouble putting your hands on as many American Eagles as you’d like to buy up and these bargain prices?

  12. …AT these bargain prices?

  13. The changed lyrics seem slightly forced, “I will tell some power broker what they did for Iacocca” flows better. But it’s still a good song.

    Here’s the original Guthry version of the Tom Paxton song:

  14. Jesse Walker:

    Since you smeared me on the other thread and then ran away, perhaps you’d care to discuss that here.

  15. Tell you what, Lonewacko. I’ll waste my time explaining the obvious rationale for my remark about you as soon as you answer all the direct questions you’ve “run away” from in the history of Hit & Run. You can start by explaining your bizarre use of CapitalLetters and disuse of the SpaceBar, a topic you’ve been queried about many times but which I have yet to see you answer. I seem to remember a thread in which you refused to tell someone (was it Joe?) your views on the historicity of the Holocaust; fill us in on that one, too.

    And don’t neglect all the others. Hey, here’s a thread where you refused to answer a direct question from me!

  16. Hey all you gold hoarders out there in internets land…when TSHTF and you’re sittin’ on that mountain of gold and HUNGRY, I’ll be trading weight-for-weight, fine gold (or the equivalent karat gold) for Mr. Ed, jerked. Look me up!


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