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Barack Obama may be friends with terrorists. But who does John McCain pal around with?

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  1. Video pulled 3 minutes after posting? What gives?

  2. Dang, that must have been baaaaaaaad

  3. Video pulled.

  4. It's working for me.


  5. Awesome. Will be circulating this one.

  6. Yep back now.
    You know what. I really wish Reason would stop posting these YouTube campaign parody ads. None of them have been funny, and they all contain a little cringe inducing low blow.

    I bet this gets bumped to the top post at least three times.

  7. Damn video broken. I'm going to imagine the content however. His "associates"? Are they Vietnamese prison guards?

    "Oh, no he didn't!"

    Yes, Rosie, I did.

  8. This will go down as the dirtiest campaign since McHutchence vs. Greely III.

  9. Sorry, but this could have been better.

  10. You forgot, he's good friends with unrepentant segregationist, Strom Thurmond.

  11. I don't understand the latest attack from the Obama campaign.

    John McCain isn't the slightest bit erotic. Maybe he had a silver fox thing going on in the 70s, but in 2008, the man is distinctly not erotic. I mean: eww!

    Nobody's going to believe that. What is the Obama campaign thinking?

  12. I dont watch videos ( nope not even internet porn). Is there anything mildly interesting in this one?

  13. I'd love to tell you, but the video is no longer available.

  14. I can't believe they showed her rubbing her tits in his face - with him knowing full well the camera is rolling.

  15. ok wtf is in this video?

  16. the video works, reload or hold cntrl and click on the Youtube symbol. Or go to the youtube URL:

  17. You forgot, he's good friends with unrepentant segregationist, Strom Thurmond.

    Trent Lott got blasted after he said nice things to Strom at his birthday party.

    If this video is what I think it is, it accuses McCain of associating with former KKK members like Byrd.

    This would be a good line of argument if Byrd were unrepentant and weren't a Democrat.

  18. I can't watch videos at work but from what I gather it accuses McCain of letting Senator Byrd rub his tits in his face.

  19. With that much blow, slacker, I doubt he either knew or cared about the cameras.

  20. bubba,


    It "accuses" McCain of working with people like former Klansman Byrd, pervert Foley, allower of torture Kerry (showing the "don't tase me bro" guy) and friend of terrorist Obama. It's a play on the guilt by association for Obama.

  21. Wow.. that's a minute and five seconds of my life wasted...

    What a wasteland of humor and wit. What the hell guys, are you letting Matt and Trey write for

  22. It must be pretty bad if it makes Warren cringe!


  23. I thought it was pretty funny. In a Tim Cavanaugh, Derrida-esque kinda way.

  24. Guilt by association? Really, do you want to play that card? Do ideas matter? If there is ample evidence that Barack Obama shares afrocentric,leftist, segregationist views such as Jeremiah Wright isn't that enough to have a libertarian not vote for him and actively campaign against him? And guess what "libertarians"? Stanley Kurtz of National Review has shown without a doubt that Obama shares far leftist educational views with Wright and colleagues from the Annenberg Challenge. Guess who else headed that challenge? Bill Ayers. These are facts. Has Reason done any work to expose Obama as the leftist that he is? Have they dug into his ideas the way Weekly Standard and National Review have? NO. Instead they have spent all their time digging deep into Mccain's ideology and finding that he's basically an inconsistent hybrid of conservative and Progressive. Hmm I wonder how a "libertarian" should vote in this election?

    Again many libertarians will not come out and say that they will vote for Obama even though they are going to. Why? because to admit that would be saying you are not a libertarian in the slightest.

  25. I found it funny for what it was.

  26. I can't tell if Jeffersonian is parody or not.

  27. I think my comments were misunderstood. I laughed at this video. My comments were directed at Mo who said it was a play on the guilt by association against Obama. I can laugh at this and still think libertarians are a pathetic group who don't understand friends and enemies in the political realm. I see more libertarians bashing Palin than Obama. That says everything that needs to be said.

  28. Show of hands,

    anybody here have any doubts about Obama's political leanings?

  29. Two of my videos have around the same number of views as Reason's most-viewed video, so good luck with this latest offering.

    And, once again, people don't understand what GuiltByAssociation means. That doesn't refer to things like being "aware of Ayers's past" while working with him as part of something he pushed through.

    Plus, there's apparently something out there waiting to drop. I've tried to get some information on my own, but I don't have the resources of those who have the information and who are apparently waiting for another source...

  30. LONEWACKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *shakes fist in air*

  31. I was doin some leg pullin at 4:26 - there isn't any nudiness

    the video:

    (Ominous voice)John McCain has linked Barack Obama to unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, and asks do you know enough about Barack Obama. But, how well do we know John McCain?

    For almost 30 years, he's proudly gone to work every day with a rogues gallery of the worst elements of American society this side of a Dick Tracey comic strip...ranging from Senator Robert Byrd, former exalted cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan (clip of Byrd saying, "they're are white niggers...), to Senator Larry Craig the totally heterosexual toilet cruising Casanova from the great state of Idaho (clip of craig saying, "Bad boy Bill Clinton, you're a naughty boy"), to Senator Joh F Kerry who oversaw the brutal torture of college students (clip of don't taze me bro video), to Senator Barack Obama, who consorts with known terorists.

    Why would John McCain work with someone who is friends with someone who bombed the capital? Do you know enough to elect John McCain?

    (the end)

  32. Phew! I was a little concerned that LoneDipshit wasn't going to pimp his own site in that post. But then, BAM!, second paragraph! Lonedipshit rarely lets me down.

  33. John McCain isn't the slightest bit erotic.

    Maybe not, but Cindy is a cougar. Grrr!

  34. Wow, I finally got to watch it.

    I give it two thumbs pointing horizontally.

  35. Cindy is a cougar? Jesus... do you masturbate with a sock filled with broken glass?

  36. Bravo

    Two thumbs up

  37. I think this video was supposed to be funny.

    But it wasn't. I want my minute and a half back.

  38. Wow, that was disappointing. Yeah it makes fun of the guilt by association thingy. Except that the guilt by association thingy is not that off of an attack.

    I mean you could say much meaner things about McCain. Something about his wife being a known drug offender, something about his cave on torture, a subject that one would assume is an important subject for him. Some shit like that.

  39. OLS,

    Dude, you were much more entertaining in the other thread when you were spreading conspiracies.

    You should do more of that.

    Also, like another commenter said, you should answer your critics.

    Or maybe not, it might take away some of your mystique.

  40. OLS wrote: "Two of my videos have around the same number of views as Reason's most-viewed video, so good luck with this latest offering."

    Just so you Reason peeps understand how burned you are, note that OLS is talking about his custom-made crush vids.

  41. Just so you Reason peeps understand how burned you are, note that OLS is talking about his custom-made crush vids.

    Well, Reason shouldn't feel too bad on that score. We all know that Lonewacko has incredibly sexy little feet.

  42. Obviously none of your D&D playing college students that comment on this forum understand what I'm saying.

    BHO has clear associations with groups that advocate for IllegalImmigrants and CriminalAliens.

  43. I cast Bigby's Expressive Digit.

  44. If you don't agree with me, I will SueYou ForLiebel.

    Even though I never give an answer to why I DoThis.

  45. I cast Gloria Allred's Preemptive Filing.

    Save against breath weapon, noob.

  46. OLS:
    "BHO has clear associations with groups that advocate for IllegalImmigrants and CriminalAliens."

    And you are a libertarian how exactly?

    Oh yeah, the libertarian policy that says that the government has to approve your right to work, at a job, voluntarily, for someone who is freely paying you.

    Or maybe it's the libertarian policy that says that you can't live or work where you choose unless you have the correct, official, government stamped paper work.

    Out with the Auslanders!
    Working without official permission is Verboten!

  47. Nick Gillespie's voice in this video sounds exactly like... Nick Gillespie doing a voice.

  48. I see more libertarians bashing Palin than Obama. That says everything that needs to be said.

    Your failure to see diversity is not my problem. You need to get out more.

  49. Looks like we're gearing up for another nice, long day of people whining about the fact we believe what we believe rather than believing what they believe. Wonderful.

  50. Nutrasweet - I believe you are right, sir.

  51. But do they come as missionaries? What's the libertarian stance on cannibalism, again?

  52. SugarFree, if you want to be consistent (with me), you should believe that I believe rather than what you believe. And if you don't believe that, you're just being inconsistent again. Why is everyone who disagrees with me such an America-hating flip-flopper?

  53. CN,

    If someone breaks into your house and you shoot them, do they become your property? If so, then snack away. Unfortunately, I believe the libertarian position on property is that the body goes to the heirs.

    Of course, if properly paid for (much like a medical cadaver) is there a libertarian case against cannibalism?

  54. Zubon,

    Don't forget to call every argument you can't counter a cliche.

  55. I have never seen a libertarian before. Do they exist? All I have every seen are the apatchetic, the stupendously nutty lefties, and a few closet republicans.

    This libertarian thing sounds interesting...

    How do I join up?

  56. This libertarian thing sounds interesting...

    How do I join up?

    You have to go through some sort of circumcision thing. No wait, it's a lobotomy. You have to get a lobotomy.

  57. Can I keep the part they remove in a jar on my desk?

  58. im a libertarian who will vote for obama, although he will make government bigger. HOPEfully [ha get it] he will listen to the right people and edge us away from war with irannorthkoreachinarussia. i fear mccain\palin too much to vote for barr. proudly motivated by fear! yay make sure you take your foil hats off to laugh at me

  59. Why does this video keep moving to the top of H&R?

  60. I can't for the life of me figure out why you keep reposting this video. It's really not that great.

  61. lmao omg yyou should posthis evyrday tIlelection is FUNNY haahahahahaaaha

  62. meh.

    I wanted to dislike the narrator's voice, but I fell asleep before that could happen.

  63. Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. With whom do the editors of Reason pal around?

  65. Warren | October 14, 2008, 3:26pm | #
    I bet this gets bumped to the top post at least three times.

    Is this twice or three times already? I loose count.


  66. This is getting hilarious. Not in a good way, though.

  67. Yeah, how dare they push their own product on their own (free) site!!!

    Let's make fun of them again for soliciting donations, rather than making this site (pay)subscription only (at which point 3/4 of you would head for the weeds).

    Either read and understand the libertarian/capitalist manifesto, or just slide on over to KOS.

  68. I might be mistaken, but isn't that Plumber Joe who appears at the end of this clip?

  69. Yes, Kant, ignorance of user feedback is a great strategy for improvement and growth.

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