Closes After Copyright Violation Settlement


One of the cooler aggregators that nobody had ever heard of is dead and done for after settling a big, fat lawsuit with Hearst, Time Inc., Forbes, and some other print giants. 

For those of you who didn't get a chance to visit the site, allowed users to upload scanned pages of their magazines for other users to check out. Most of the content I saw came from guitar magazines ("swm, d/d free, seeking reliable nsa guitar tabs for Eruption"), but there weren't many titles that you couldn't also peruse (free of charge) in your local grocery store.

Perhaps when reality hits the glossies as hard as it's hitting newspapers, they'll rethink the "[un]fairness" of user-generated sites that promote their products (free of charge). And hopefully, the reincarnation of will incorporate a system of referring links to send eyes back to the magazines' sites.

Or perhaps this is one case where copyright warriors are in the right?

[Courtesy of Romenesko & Folio]