Read Up on the Bailout and More Before Monday's Opening Bell Signals More Losses!


Recent reason coverage of the bailout.

And go here for Hit & Run posts on the topic.

Abandon All Hope: Everybody's running against the bailout, but nobody's serious about killing it. David Weigel 

Rescue or Waste?: Why the bailout isn't working. Steve Chapman

Private Accounts Still Make Sense: Why the market meltdown doesn't negate the case for privatizing Social Security. Radley Balko

Building a Better Bailout: How Washington could have helped the market at no cost to taxpayers. And what it should do if it's hell-bent on spending $700 billion. Veronique de Rugy and Philippe Lacoude

Economist Russell Roberts on What You Need to Know About the Bailout (and Why You Should Be Really Worried:

The Winner of Last Night's Debate? Washington: Both candidates embrace central planning as prudent economic policy. Matt Welch

What Would Mises Do?: Confessions of a free-market, anti-bailout operator. Matt Kibbe

The Roots of the Crisis: How did Wall Street get into this mess? Michael Flynn

Does It Take a Panic to Stop a Panic?: The Wall Street bailout and the perils of bipartisanship. Jacob Sullum

An Expert-Induced Bubble: The nasty role of ratings agencies in the busted housing market. David M. Levy and Sandra J. Peart

Why Paulson is Wrong: Saving capitalism from the capitalists. Luigi Zingales

Economist (and former Freddie Mac staffer!) Arnold Kling on The Big Bailout:

Beg, Borrow, or Steal: Why the bailout is a terrible idea. Steve Chapman

Five Questions About the Short-Selling Ban: The government's only answer: Shut up, we're in charge! Brian Doherty

The Great Bailout Brouhaha: Free market economists weigh in on Paulson's plan

Bailout Bums: Libertarian-minded Republicans are caught with their pants down as Wall Street panics the Capital City. David Weigel

Hank Paulson's Countdown to Armageddon: How the Chicken Little treasurer is nationalizing the U.S. economy. Tim Cavanaugh

The Case Against the Bailout: Why the government shouldn't save businesses from their bad choices. Steve Chapman

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