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We're still in the thick of our first-ever webathon here at reason online. 

This week, we're asking you, the readers of this website (including the award-winning, content-and-comment-rich blog Hit & Run), to help underwrite our efforts in producing the nation's, the world's, the galaxy's only journalistic enterprise dedicated to championing "Free Minds and Free Markets."

Founded in 1968 as an alternative to the played-out politics of right vs. left, conservative vs. liberal, Klingon vs. Romulan, reason is needed more than ever as we slouch into a 21st century in which civil liberties, economic freedom, free expression, pharmacological freedom, and much, much more are under attack.

You read the intertubes: If Washington gets its way—on the bailout, on war, on torture, on reregulation, on expanded powers for government at all levels (typically in concert with well-connected members of the "private" sector)—we're all screwed six ways to Sunday (and Sundays a long ways off!). reason counters all this with engaged and effective journalism that makes the principled case for maximum freedom and liberty in every situation. We're happy warriors against the busybodies who want to run your life for you.

Go here to donate now and see what sort of swag different giving levels will get you.

And as you wait for your reason bumper sticker (yours for a $25 donation!) or a "Swag pack" filled with all sorts of logo-ized merchandise that will annoy and intrigue your conservative and liberal friends (just $250!), chew on these words from Price Is Right and host Drew Carey:

We need a magazine like yours to help fight the stupid drug laws, the stupid immigration laws, and stupid big government in general. "Free Minds and Free Markets!" Right on, my man. Freedom!

Or these, from Christopher Hitchens:

Mirthless officials are subtracting time from their "real" tasks in order to impose themselves where they have no business.

Such a mentality requires an eloquent and witty opposition, as well as a tough-minded one. I find that reason keeps my own arteries from hardening or flooding with adrenaline out of sheer irritation, because in the face of arbitrary power and flock-like conformism it continues to ask, in a polite but firm tone of voice, not only "why?" but "why not?"

Help keep us going for the next 40 years! 2048 is just around the corner and if the past is prologue, those folks are going to need a lot of help fighting off the forces of repression.

Please give what you can now.

Bonus video: I discuss my first encounter with reason, during the twilight of the Carter years, and reveal the two great secrets the magazine taught me. Secrets of power and hope that have never been urgent.

Thanks for your support.

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  1. Please give generously. This free market stuff doesn’t sell that well on the market. The faith is under attack as never before. We can’t do this alone. Donate now! Now, damn it!

  2. Ha! Guess Market Capitalism don’t always work so well after all.

  3. People still living with their parents really should keep their opinions about free markets and capitalism to themselves, you two.

  4. I will donate today, but only if I don’t have to see another one of those “please donate” popups again for 40 years. Do we have a deal?

  5. People still living with their parents really should keep their opinions about free markets and capitalism to themselves, you two.

    Heh. SmOL (Smirking Out Loud)

    RC Dean FTW.

  6. why not have some indication of how much has been donated?

  7. Guess Market Capitalism don’t always work so well after all.

    I see a well-oiled clock. Then over there, I see this retard with a rusty screwdriver who claims he’s going to “fix it”.

  8. The Klingons and Romulans were allies in 1968. For a magazine called Reason. . . .

  9. Reason lost my support when it went out of its way at every opportunity to stab Ron Paul in his back, right between his broad shoulders. We all know who butters your bread.

    Donate to [t]Reason? I wouldn’t walk across the street to piss down your throat if your lungs were on fire. Of course, you ‘cosmopolitan’ libertines would probably like that.

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