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Managing Editor Jesse Walker's weekly freeform radio show, Titicut Follies, will be broadcast on WCBN-FM this afternoon from 12 to 3, eastern time. If you live in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area, you can tune in at 88.3 FM; if you live elsewhere, you can listen online.

For more information about the show, go here. To see the playlists for previous programs, go here and here. To hear an earlier episode (along with the end of the jazz show right before it), go here.

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  1. They’ll have my head on a platter if I’m caught streaming at work. Will it be archived?

  2. In other news, Bob Barr’s Texas lawsuit to block Republicans and Democrats who filed after the deadline from getting on the ballot was denied. With extreme prejudice, apparently.

  3. Jesse, listened to the first show, loved it. I wouldn’t let communists eat snacks on my couch either.

    Anyone familiar with WCBN from Mr. Walker’s (and mine) college days might get a kick out of this “recruitment” video from 1989:


    I’m curious (in case you read these comments and have time to answer), what has happened with the record collection? It was such a treasure trove I hope it wasn’t thrown out or sold off as things became more digital.

  4. Holy shit, Elvis. I’m gonna have to watch that video later today.

    The LPs are still here. A few have disappeared in the last 20 years (or at least I can’t find them anymore), but mostly the collection has grown. The only stuff that’s been thrown out altogether are the PSAs and promos that used to be on eight-track carts — now they’re digitized and stored on the studio’s Mac.

  5. Freeform?

    Was it written by Derek Smalls?

  6. I really enjoyed the download. It would be cool if you could podcast it.

  7. Holy shit, Elvis. I’m gonna have to watch that video later today.

    Not to throw so much at you, but There’s another one as well. What with all the RIAA nonsense nowadays it made me LOL to see him officially pitching the perk of being able to copy albums as a reason to volunteer.

    Glad they’ve been doing a good job of saving stuff.

    I still have a few more questions about what it’s like now, but hey, time for your show now.

  8. Jesse, in honor of the proposed bailout, I suggest you play Throbbing Gristle’s “Discipline”.

  9. Elvis: Thanks again. Both of those tapes are from my time at the station. I know all those guys. (I did a show with Luis for a semester. Jim is still around.)

    Fyodor: Email me and I’ll see if I can scroungs something up for you.

    R.: I didn’t play that one, but I did play several songs in honor of the bailout(s), including “Did Ya,” “I’m Changing My Name to Chrysler,” and — dedicated to Comrade Paulson — “Back in the USSR.”

  10. Actually, we *did* throw out an epic amount of vinyl, just last winter. WCBN lost two hanger-sized “annexes” during renovations, and days and days were spent working through 10s of 1000s of albums that were in cold storage, trying to decide the relative level of cultural deterioration incident from tossing Jetboy’s “Feel the Shake” versus our duplicate copies of Paula Abdul singles. The dissonance threatened to reach tear-the-community apart levels, but thankfully somebody brought pizza, and things settled down. If you’ve never seen a room waist-deep in discarded vinyl pressings, it’s something to see.

  11. Sorry to hear that, Hugh. Guess if I played more Paula Abdul I would have noticed by now.

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