"There Is Nothing Remotely Like This Magazine": Please Support Reason!


Since our humble beginnings at Boston University in 1968 as a mimeographed student publication, reason has grown into widely read, highly respected source of original commentary and investigative reporting that offers something unique in contemporary journalism: a ringing endorsement of "Free Minds and Free Markets" on every page.

As The Chicago Tribune put it in naming us one of "The 50 Best Magazines," "In an era of smash-mouth, left vs. right political discourse, the libertarian reason is a fresh and nuanced antidote."

As we march into our second 40 years, we're asking you, the readers of reason online and Hit & Run, to support us. We're your voice in national debates over politics, culture, and ideas, and your donations will help us to keep producing the journalism and perspectives you can't find anywhere else. But "Free Minds and Free Markets" aren't free to produce, so please go here now to see different giving levels and to make a tax-deductible contribution.

Our kudos over the years include a fistful of National Magazine Award nominations; Western Publications Association "Maggie" Awards; and a long list of commendations from the Los Angeles Press Club (where last year we took home the prize for best news organization website, beating out heavyweights such as The Los Angeles Times). And feedback from other journalistic outlets like this:

"The libertarian magazine that's always engaging, entertaining, and unpredictable." The Washington Post

"Loaded with sharp content. Even manages to make deregulation unboring. There is nothing like this magazine." National Journal

[reason's] refusal to carry water for either Democrats or Republicans is deeply refreshing in this era of partisan ugliness." Folio

[reason] manages to offend leftists with its defense of biotechnology, free trade, and school choice, even as it appalls conservatives by supporting gay marriage, open immigration, and drug legalization." The Columbus Dispatch

As you ponder the next four years—and the next 40!—think about what reason will add to news and opinion when President McBama or President O'Cain commands the podium.

And please support the nation's (and the world's) only magazine of "Free Minds and Free Markets" today.

In the minute-long video below, I talk about encountering reason for the first time as a high schooler back in the 1970s and what this magazine taught me about politics.

Thanks for reading. And watching. And helping.

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  1. Heck yeah! Reason ROCKS!!


  2. Here’s to another forty years of wishing the Ultimate Anonymity guy would die in a fire.

  3. I love the dead tree version of Reason. It’s the only magazine I regularly read from cover to cover. No lie.

    So imagine my surprise and disappointment when, having been a subscriber for 8 years, the magazine suddenly stopped arriving in my mailbox. After a few weeks of hassle with Kable Media (the “subscriber services” company that handles Reason subscriptions), I was informed that my subscription had actually lapsed much earlier.

    Yet no renewal offers ever made it to by mailbox. Can you believe that? Eight years of patronage and not so much as a warning that my sub was about to expire.

    Kable also rather incredibly claimed that I had been receiving the magazine gratis for months, apparently in the hope that I would eventually intuit that it was time to write them a check. To be clear, Kable claimed it had been sending me the magazine for free, but they never bothered to remind me it was time to renew my sub.

    Are you listening, Mike Alissi?

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