The President of Metaphor


John McCain is calling for a "9/11 Commission" to investigate the various bank failures on Wall Street.

"[American workers have] been betrayed by a casino on Wall Street of greedy, corrupt excess—corruption and excess that has damaged them and their futures," he added. […]

"We're going to need a '9/11 Commission' to find out what happened and what needs to be fixed," he said. "I warned two years ago that this situation was deteriorating and unacceptable. And the old-boy network and the corruption in Washington is directly involved, and one of the causes of this financial crisis that we're in today. And I know how to fix it, and I know how to get things done."

"Americans are hurting right now, and there's going to be a ripple effect of this financial crisis because of the greed and corruption and excess, and Wall Street treated the American economy like a casino," he continued. "And we can fix it, and we've got to keep people in their homes."

Recall that McCain has also advocated "Surge"-style tactics in high-crime U.S. cities, and said we're in a new "twilight struggle" against radical Islamists. What's next, a Shock and Awe energy policy? Vietnamization of the public school system?