Katherine Mangu-Ward Talks Sarah Palin on NPR


Tune your dials to National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation today at 2 p.m. to hear Associate Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward discuss Sarah Palin, women, and the 2008 election.

Click here to listen.

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  1. How is the fact that she asked “what does the Vice President do?” disqualify her for office (as one caller suggested)? The Vice President only has one Constitutional duty which is to break ties in the Senate. The VP doesn’t actually do anything.

  2. The VP doesn’t actually do anything.

    Heresy! She’s A Heartbeat Away From The Presidency?!

    Pop quiz: Which VP last had to assume power due to the natural death of the incumbant?

  3. “Pop quiz: Which VP last had to assume power due to the natural death of the incumbant?”

    Dick Cheney

  4. My guess would be Truman.

    I’m so surprised that the Democratic guest doesn’t like Palin. She pretends that race doesn’t decide her positions on candidates, and then proceeds to talk about race the entire 30 minutes..

    Good job, Katherine.

  5. My main observation is this: throughout the 1980s and 1990s there was a lot of talk in Republican/conservative circles about how terrible “identity politics” are. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

  6. My dime-store political theory: All politics are “identity politics” in the U.S. (look at JFK’s campaign). The only reason it became so important in the 80’s and 90’s is because minorities were finally gaining political power during that time. Before that, the only identity that mattered in elections was old, white, and male. That’s changed and both parties are playing the game.

  7. Marcvs,

    That sounds plausible.

    Who do you think will have greater buyer’s remorse* (this question obviously depends on who wins the election): libertarians who vote for McCain-Palin or those who vote for Obama-Biden?

    *Of course, they might not have any depending on a number of factors.

  8. IMHO, any libertarian that votes for either candidate with an actual belief that they are going to “make things better” (as opposed to doing it while holding their noses) is going to be greatly disappointed. We are looking at bigger government and more regulation either way. I would say that Obama has more socialist tendencies, but McCain is a “National Greatness Conservative” which basically means “more domestic spending, PLUS WAR!” So, as they say in ebonics, we be fucked.

  9. “more domestic spending, PLUS WAR!”

    Isn’t there another word for that? I believe it was called “National Socialism” at one time.

  10. In her acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, Palin said, “We are expected to govern with integrity and goodwill and clear convictions and a servant’s heart. And I pledge to all Americans that I will carry myself in this spirit as vice president of the United States.”

    The governor’s actions, Libenson says, prove otherwise.

    In that same speech, Palin told Americans she will be an advocate for children with special needs. “In fact,” Libenson says, “just this summer she cut funding for Alaska’s Special Olympics.”

    So Palin vetoed additional spending for the Alaska special olympics for a savings of $275,000. I can see where a upper middle class white liberal listening to NPR would equate that to being against the handicapable, or not having “integrity and goodwill and clear convictions and a servant’s heart”. Normal people might consider that cut as being against wasting an additional $275,000 on an event that should not be funded by money taken at gunpoint from others.

    Besides, (insert the S.O. joke here)

  11. BDB,

    Yeah, but I don’t like play the Nazi card to furiously. Plus, I would say it is more of a “fascist” mindset than a “Nazi” one. I do find his “national service” proposals especially chilling, though “McCain Youth” doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

    Just to be clear, I don’t think McCain is a fascist or a Nazi.

  12. That she cut funding for the Special Olympics despite having a child with Down’s Syndrome actually looks like an act of political courage, unlike her opportunistic stand on the “Bridge to Nowhere”. Of course this could all be rhetoric churned up the Democratic partisans. Anyone look at the background on that decision?

  13. Seems reason magazine thinks that Obama would make his national service manditory.

    Who’s the Social Nationalist?

  14. Is anyone else tired of seeing pictures/video of her doing “macho” crap? “Look, look — she can fire guns, she can sit on a Harley, she does her own carpentry!!!”
    Who gives a flying fuck?

  15. My guess would be Truman

    We have a winner. That was 63 years ago. When Healthcare? was relatively primitive. I think moderm medicine could keep McCain ticking for a whole first term if absolutely necessary. But then, accidentally pulling the right plug isn’t all that difficult. Sure, there will be Investigations and a new Truther Movement, but that’s what makes life in these United States interesting.

  16. Wow, when you answer a question about Palin “resonating” with you by replying that she doesn’t “resignate” with you at all, it’s hard to take anything else you say seriously.

  17. “””The VP doesn’t actually do anything.””””

    That might have been true prior to Cheney. The rules may have been rewritten via executive order.

    “””We are looking at bigger government and more regulation either way.””””

    Someone else on H&R made this statement a while ago. There is a 100 percent change that a democrat will take office in 2009. There is a 50 percent chance that the elected democract will have an R by his name.

    “””Is anyone else tired of seeing pictures/video of her doing “macho” crap? “Look, look — she can fire guns, she can sit on a Harley, she does her own carpentry!!!”
    Who gives a flying fuck?””

    Republicans!! Her target crowd. And it’s been working like a charm, for now anyway. I think it’s funny that McCain didn’t like the celebrity status. I think it would be funny if the Obama camp ran McCain’s own video but edited to tie Palin to Paris Hilton.

  18. What does natural death have to do with anything? If McCain gets shot and dies, Palin’s in, simple as that. The last Presidential shooting was Regan (in ’81, I think). It could happen again. The interesting thing about that case is that the doctors managed to save Regan. This is unlike all the 19th c. Presidents who all died after being shot, even if they managed to hold out for a couple days. Still, it’s not that hard to imagine someone bombing McCain or crashing a plane into the White House or whatever.

  19. I meant Reagan, sheez.

  20. Is anyone else tired of seeing pictures/video of her doing “macho” crap? “Look, look — she can fire guns, she can sit on a Harley, she does her own carpentry!!!”
    Who gives a flying fuck?

    Shutup faggot, or I’m gonna open up a can of whoop-ass and dump it all over you boy.


  21. BTW, TrickyVic, the ascension of the Vice Presidency into something more than its Constitutional role happened before either Bush administration. See: Mondale, Walter.

  22. FWIW, Mondale is proud of how Carter made the Vice Presidency so important, at least until Cheney came into office.


    I agree with Mondale on the latter point, but he doesn’t realize what a tool he is for setting the precedent.

  23. I hate to triple post, but there is one passage from the Mondale editorial I linked to that should scare libertarians:

    Whatever authority a vice president has is derived from the president under whom he serves. There are no powers inherent in the office; they must be delegated by the president.

    No, jackass, the only authority the vice president has is given by the Constitution. There are no powers that can be derived or delegated by the president. Fuck you Walter Mondale.

  24. Damnit, I screwed up my swagger. “or I’m gonna open up a can of whoop-ass and dump it all over you boy” should have been “I’m fixin to open me up a can o whoop-ass…”. ‘will do better next time.

  25. Just got a chance to listen to this one.

    Anyone else notice the “lifetime liberal Democrat’ who is suddenly voting for McCain based on ANWR drilling, thinks abortion should be “looked at” because “too many women use it for birth control,” and that Paln will empower poor people by cutting taxes?

    I wanted so badly for the host to ask her why the hell she was a lifetime liberal Dem. I am just sick to death of hearing about all of these miraculous conversions that are so obviously bullshit.

    At least he called her out on the McCain in ANWR bullshit, though.

  26. Katharine did a good job. She was calm and reasonable and humorous.

    The “when’s Palin gonna reach out to minorities” woman was really annoying.

  27. Hooo-dogey, BBS, I believe wunna ma sarjents a’useta say “Ain’t nuthin tween us but air an’ opportunity, boy!”

    And, of course, that internet anonymity thing. Besides, if her ads are correct, she’s easily twice the man you are, so I’m really more afraid of her.

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