Nanny State

Jackboots Crush Bacon Dogs


Here at reason, we've been on the bacon dog beat for a while now, chronicling the brave men and women who grill bacon dogs on L.A.'s street corners, in defiance of rules and regulations which class bacon as a "hazardous food." The story has everything: class warfare, racism, protection rackets, relish, and mustard.

This latest development is so not kosher—a veritable bacon dog Kristallnacht:

At Hollywood and Highland last Friday night, police cracked down on the little ladies with the cars selling those street favorites. All the food and all their equipment were confiscated and trashed.

An LAist photographer was there, and he caught a series of horrifying images, including the one above, which depicts illegal hot dog carts being fed into the gaping maw of the dumpster truck. This is a cruel variation on the proper order of things, which should include grilled bacon dogs being fed into the gaping maws of drunk idiots.

The Ur-text of bacon doggery, starring Drew Carey: