Fashion: Turn to the Left!


Former reason editor and current Atlantic columnist Virginia Postrel has started a new blog. Deep Glamour, written with Kate Coe, looks like it'll be an interesting mix of fashion, art, cultural history, and perhaps a bit of politics. From the first post:

Just as different eras produce different forms of humor, what audiences find glamorous changes over time. The decline of one kind of glamour, whether of nineteenth-century Parisian grandes dames or of the mid-century Rat Pack, often presages the rise of another kind, representing different values or aspirations: the glamour of bohemian cafés or of rock stars. A geisha's glamour meant one thing in the nineteenth century, when geisha were chic style setters, and another after the 1920s, when they became custodians of tradition. The themes that unify the many forms of glamour are not formal elements but imaginative qualities–grace, mystery, and the promise of escape and transformation.

Virginia's other blog, The Dynamist, is still active as well. If you're wondering what any of this glamour stuff has to with politics, you might start with this recent post there about the election.