Robin Was a Red


I wasn't sure it was possible to write an interesting, funny, and plausible (*) piece on the political preferences of superheroes, but Jim Henley has proven it can be done. A few samples:

Spider-Man: "find Objectivism on your political map; now go to the opposite spot."

The Silver Surfer: "the Surfer's a hippie. He dropped out of the war (finding planets for Galactus to eat) and tried to bring peace and love. Of course, recently he's gone back to finding planets for Galactus to eat, so, Yuppie I guess."

The Thing: "He's a Jewish New Yorker who has never written for Commentary. You have to assume he's a Democrat until proven otherwise."

[Via Rob McDougall]

* Within the boundaries of fiction, of course. Fantasy fiction about superhuman crimefighters with capes. OK, strike "plausible."