Time Keeps Draggin' On


Music Radar has an interesting little story on one of the few successes in today's declining music business: the Los Angeles company Pack Central, who is turning a tidy profit selling cassette tapes and CDs to America's burgeoning prison population. From the story:

Pack Central's success is easy to explain—prisoners have to buy their music in physical formats because they can't download it. "I have dodged every conventional bullet that has hit most music retailers," says company owner Bob Paris. "The beauty of it is that prisoners don't have internet access and never will."

So, what's been pumping on the cons' stereos recently? Lil Wayne, Mariah Carey, Usher, Rihanna, Nickelback and Leona Lewis are all currently popular on the inside, while Al Green's Greatest Hits, Michael Jackson's Thriller and Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon are perennial favourites.

I get Pink Floyd, but Nickelback?

Whole thing here. Senior Editor Brian Doherty on why you shouldn't cry for the record company man here.

(via Brooklyn Vegan)