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Insured by Uncle Sam



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  1. Not bad! Well, it’s certainly not anti-funny like Furday Funnays usually are.

  2. Bok actually scores a hit. Finally. Well done.

  3. Yep, I hate to admit it after ripping on the cartoons so much, but this one’s actually funny.

  4. Way to stick it back at us man, good job.

    Now we need to talk about your consistency.

  5. I like that the Rational Responders chick is back. Ay-chi.

  6. Man, does Bok have compromising photos of Radley Balko participating in a police raid or something? Every week you guys post him, and every week he’s painfully unfunny. Granted, at least this week he’s not being stupid, but it’s still not amusing in the slightest.

  7. Did anyone ever see that episode of “Taxi” where Judd Hirsch was given a pile of cash by Christopher Lloyd that he had to give to someone deserving to see how good felt to give away money? He had in his cab a political cartoonist who was unable to sell his material, so he pulled over to take a look at it.

    Judd says, “Ok so we have Uncle Sam and the Russian Bear looking at each other.” This was during the cold war.

    And the cartoonist says “Aaaand??”

    And Judd says, “… aand… they look angry…?”

    And the cartoonist says “Aaaand??”

    And Judd says, “… so you’re saying the US and the Soviet Union don’t like each other…?”

    And the cartoonist grabs his cartoon back and says “There! Was *that* so hard!?!”

    And Judd Hirsch drives away, not giving him the money.

    I’m reminded of that episode every Friday.

  8. Not bad. A pretty good concept.

  9. A broken clock is right twice a day. Chip Bok is funny once a year.

  10. The term “uncle” was a patronizing, familiar and often racist title reserved by whites for elderly black men in the South, which is considered by some to be pejorative and offensive.

    Examples of “Sambo” as a common slave name can be found as far back as the 18th century.

    Why’d he draw the Uncle as a white man?

  11. “Mortage”?

  12. Still not funny, but at least it’s poignant.

  13. Meh. Not completely unfunny like it usually is.

  14. Bok may not know funny, but this guy does.

    Might have been a little more impressive in a more theocratic area of North American, but still a good time.

  15. SugarFree: hier, second story down (“I Told My Friend He Had AIDS”).

    Kenny is a comic genius but i am glad i do not know him.

  16. I think Bok’s hilarious on this one.

  17. SugarFree,

    I have tried watching Kenny v. Spenny and found it painfully unfunny.

  18. Good Bok cartoon.

  19. Bok missed it (again).

    Uncle Sam should be wearing a French Maid costume, and pushing “her” two infantilized clients, wearing baby bonnets and waving rattles in an ornate perambulator, off a cliff.

    That’s my take, anyway.

  20. At the first opportunity…

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    Francesco Sinibaldi

  21. I am starting a nonviolent internet jihad against people who use “meh”. Please stop, it makes you sound like a douche. Or Cartoon Guy from the Simpsons.

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