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Boy it really has been a terrible year for newspapers, hasn't it?

(Link via Dave Barry.)

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  1. Way back in the day, Chevy ran an ad campaign for the “Spirit of America”. A two page add in Time magazine misspelled America (as Amerca) in big bold letters.

  2. Everyone’ssss a critic, my Precious, yesss. Nice Reason editorsss, to throw stonesss at poor Sm?agol.

    We hates Dave Barry! We hates him forever!

  3. There are some really funny corrections on the Regret the Error blog.
    This is one of my favorites.
    (Any my own newspaper has misspelled my byline at least twice over the years.)

  4. Correction: And my own newspaper…
    I regret the error.

  5. Time magazine misspelled America (as Amerca) in big bold letters.

    That’s not misspelled if you say it right.

  6. Oh, man, beaten by the URKOBOLD crew!

    I’m warning you URKOBOLD freaks; you mess with the buill, you will get the horns.

  7. @kinnath: It’s “ad”, not “add”.

  8. Still waiting for an adequate justification for “reason” not being capitalized…

  9. I think “reason” is uncapitalized because the mag design underwent a rather feminine makeover a few years ago.

  10. And white people everywhere rejoiced.

  11. Okay, can someone in the newspaper biz explain this to me. Wouldnt the name of the paper be a static graphic or something? Does someone have to retype it in every night?

  12. I was about to say, robc, nameplates are typically part of the template and don’t need to be fiddled with at all. Either they’re using very old desktop publishing software or somebody did it on purpose.

  13. pffft. Tipohs are typos. Screw em. If the meaning is clear, it doesn’t count as error.

  14. Heh. Still, doesn’t hold a candle to Dan Rather passing off MS Word 2001 docs as 1971 memos.

  15. The paper in question created their masthead using the Flintstone method: each copy was individually pecked by a large primeval bird.

  16. If the primeval bird union wasn’t so powerful, maybe the paper could afford to modernize.

  17. TallDave | July 25, 2008, 11:53am | #

    Heh. Still, doesn’t hold a candle to Dan Rather passing off MS Word 2001 docs as 1971 memos.

    Did I ever tell you kids about the time I scored 9 touchdowns in a game in high school?

  18. “newss” is meant to be read as “noose.”

    It’s a hate crime.

  19. “Given that we routinely call on other institutions to hold themselves accountable for the mistakes, let us say for the record: We sure surely feel silly.”

  20. “the” mistakes

  21. Sounds like steam escaping.

  22. joes’s law, on a roll, with catsup: don’t call me surly or I’ll club your ears.

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