Nanny State

Pepperoni Killed Tony Snow


The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine isn't a big fan of meat. According to Newsweek, only about 5 percent of its members are physicians. But they're determined to let the death of no meat-eater go unremarked upon in their op-eds—apparently eating deli sandwiches killed Tony Snow, and now it's killing your kids:

Food manufacturers and their lobbyists like to pretend that even the most unhealthful foods like hot dogs, bacon and other processed meats are OK in moderation. And anyone with a pepperoni addiction likes to pretend that jogging three miles a day will keep them healthy. But late last year, the game was up….

In fact, according to researchers, just one 50-gram serving of bacon, sausage, deli meats, or other processed meat (think one hot dog) daily increases our risk of colorectal cancer, on average, by 21 percent. Do the math. If your spouse or your kids are eating ham slices or hot dogs just a couple of times a week, they are significantly increasing their risk of colon cancer.

Via CCF.