Friday Funnies

Obama moves to the center


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  1. Why’d he draw Obama looking like a monkey?

  2. Shawn thinks it’s funny: different strokes for different folks I guess. To me this just proves that Stantis’ streak of funny cartoons a few weeks ago was just a fluke and we’re back to the broken clock model again.

  3. I would now like to take the opportunity to explain to any Obama supporters who might be reading this thread that my previous post, while not funny, was satire. You can tell it was satire because of the context of where it was posted. Specifically, it was posted in response to one of Reason’s Friday “Funnies”, which never are. I understand that due to cultural or geographic background or just plain good luck you may not be familiar with this series. However, it was more specifically posted in response to this particular cartoon and it is in the context of viewing that cartoon and any previous comments that you should be evaluating the meaning of my previous post. I believe that in this context it becomes clear that my previous post is and can only be satire.

    Thank you.

  4. I have concluded that Shawn’s post is more ironic than satirical. I have spoken.

  5. Shawn is funnier than Stantis, that’s for sure.

  6. Pearls Before Swine and Prickly City

    I always get which one is which mixed up.

  7. To their credit they do get the “Friday” part right.

  8. Obama is a long-legged Mack Daddy!

  9. Oh, I get it! LOL! He appears to be standing in the center, but his feet are planted in the far left. LOL!


    That’s so funny!

    To their credit they do get the “Friday” part right.


  10. I second a motion from last week that calling the Friday “Funnies” unfunny should be added to the drinking game. It’d make for a much more liquid start to the weekend.

  11. To their credit they do get the “Friday” part right.


    Not if you’re reading this while trying to make sure you still get seven armies per turn.

  12. Encountering a truism drives you to drink, Windy?
    Here’s some motivation for you then: The Nazis liked their alcohol, too.

  13. While not even in the vicinity of funny, that was still more clever than most of the funnies are. I’ll take that as a win.

  14. Again, we are offended.

  15. Is that first time someone has Godwinned the Friday Funny?

  16. He should have slipped on a banana peel. Just a comedy tip.

  17. I don’t get it- where’s his turban?

  18. Wait, I think I figured it out. These “funnies” regularly appear in big papers with readers who actually find this shit funny. We’re not supposed to be laughing at the cartoon.

  19. Dang. This comic would be lame if junion high kid drew it for class.

  20. If a junior high kid.

    Bah, don’t comment sick.

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