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I'll be on tonight with Attack of the Show's Anna David, and, presumably, some other people. The show starts at 3am on FNC.

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  1. I can watch Red Eye every now and then.

    I’d rather stick my hand in a boxing glove full of rusty nails and fishing hooks then watch Attack of the Show.

  2. Hey! I *like* “Attack of the Show”! >:(

  3. I’ve been in shift work these past few weeks and so have been catching red eye every night. They’ve considerably improved their pacing and timing since earlier in the year, and miss a hell of lot less with their jokes. I dare say it has become quite good.

    A few questions. It’s apparent that Gutfeld, Levy, and Bill (?) (don’t know last name) have some or most of their stuff written out beforehand (and as I said, the quality has improved considerably). Do the guests have pre-fed lines, or do they have to come up with everything off the cuff? Do they at least get the topics or the set-ups in advance?

  4. Bill Schultz, that’s his name. nevermind about the question above; the bit between Howley and Gutfeld in the Obama segment looked scripted, and it seemed like Howley was reading off a prompter when she said ‘it’s not…’ and immediately corrected with ‘i’m not…”

  5. dang, you also just missed an orange line joke to shout out to here.

  6. Mmmm, I’m not so sure now of how the show works, because the playboy segment was obviously not scripted.

  7. Kolohe, I think the guests get topics and questions beforehand, and plan out how they’re going to respond, but there is a lot of spontaneous stuff as well. Maybe Kerry could give details on how it works?

    Also, they took away my G4 awhile ago, and i can’t say i miss it much.

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