Survey Says: We're Doomed.


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce spends a "substantial sum of money" trying to figure out "What to Say/Not Say on International Trade."

Instead of speaking of "globalization," it is better to refer to "international trade." The word globalization is "often viewed perniciously," the survey of voter attitudes warns, and implies that business is "exploiting Third World workers in the name of cheap goods."

Advocates should stress how free trade deals "level the playing field." The sentiment "Our trading partners should treat us as fairly as we treat them" is a "home run statement," according to the survey results.

Foreign affairs are also touched on. When pushing a Korean free trade pact, for example, "You must distinguish South Korea from North Korea."

Also, advocates should never speak ill of "protectionism" because "protecting something sounds positive."

So much for that North Korean free trade agreement we've all been pulling for.

Via Dan Ikenson.