One Night in Beijing


Lack of personal space is a major obstacle to sexual liberalization in Asia, but randy Chinese kids  have discovered the "one-night motel":

In China, the first time a man and woman are likely to kiss is at age 23, according to Pan Sui-ming, director of the Institute of Sexuality and Gender at Renmin University, who says that "Chinese are still some of the most conservative people in the world."

But don't expect that to last much longer. Driven by China's opening to the west and the flourishing of western ideas, as well as a flood of communication by cellphone, social websites and instant messaging, Chinese youth are finding unprecedented access to each other, with the anonymity of online conversation emboldening youngsters to be much freer than if they were interacting in person, and it's freaking out older teachers who are supposed to teach sex education but get embarrassed by questions.

Take Jo Xue and her boyfriend, who decided to consummate their relationship. Then in their first year of college in Tianjin, just south of Beijing, the couple thought about spending the night together in their dormitory. But Chinese dormitories are separated by gender and under strict curfews. Also, given the sheer number of students at university, most dormitories have six people living in each room, which hardly allows for privacy.

"We had nowhere to be alone," said Xue, 24. "And a hotel was too expensive." So she decided to call the number on one of the advertisements often found hanging on walls near universities around China. It was for a one-night motel, where rooms can be rented for two hours at a time for 40 yuan or for 80 for the entire night. Extended stays are not allowed.

"I called and a man said he had a room for us," Xue said. "But when we got there the man acted very shy to us, like he was running an illegal business. It made me feel weird. But, actually, I felt very excited because we were going to spend the entire night together."

In neighboring Burma, couples sit on benches placed around public ponds and attempt to hide themselves under parasols. Under these conditions a seedy hotel is a major improvement.  

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  1. My, how things have changed. In the Travels of Marco Polo, he recounted a part of China where they offered young women to travelers. The idea, apparently was that the more experienced they were, the better lovers they’d be for their eventual husbands.

  2. Just hope, these youngsters know something about the contraception as well.

    At the end, it’s “for the children” 🙂

  3. When I first kissed my 17yo HK Chinese future wife, she was shocked – she had envisioned meeting someone, holding hands for a year or so, then maybe a kiss. Seriously, holding hands for a year. There were pregnant girls in my 7th grade class in South Carolina, and married girls in my 9th…

  4. Just hope, these youngsters know something about the contraception as well.

    After one baby the State takes care of that. At gunpoint if necessary.

  5. If they wait so long how can there be so many of them? Isn’t the common wisdon that people in the US who wait are less likely to have children.

  6. BakedPenguin,

    Marco Polo also refered to a certain kind of meat called “two legged mutton”. Change is good. Though I am kinda sad that this tradition has changed. I would kindly have traveled to China to help out my Chinese brothers with their future brides.

  7. Naga, on my browser, there’s a “Asian girls for love and marriage” website. I don’t know if that’s any help.

  8. Speaking of how culture matters….why do people regardless of culture tend to want to have sex privately?

  9. Common wisdom rocks! Waiters in the U.S. are not abstinate. They are sluts. Dirty little whores. Sluts get STDs. STDs can impact childbearing ability. Chinese women can wait for marriage, while keeping their legs together, thus having many healthy babies. That is the paf to success.

    BWHAHAHAHA, I used it incorrwrongly

  10. BakedPenguin,

    When did the Asian chick ad begin? I’ll take all the one’s over thirty. Should I move to Utah or Texas if I’m gonna marry all of them?

  11. Kg? Cm? Dammit I don’t know metric bullshit! Someone help me!

  12. Waiters in the U.S. are not abstinate. They are sluts. Dirty little whores.


  13. Waiters in the U.S. are not abstinate. They are sluts. Dirty little whores.

    I see bigbigslacker worked at the same restaurants I did.

  14. Naga, If you want to be safe, Iran’s a good place for multiple wives. But you might want to wait until after the invasion. Of course, it might no longer be legal then.

  15. BakedPenguin,

    That’s no help. I might sign up for the Marines by then. GET SOME!!!

    Disclaimer: I just read Generation Kill a few days ago and I’m still pumped up.

  16. Chinese youth are finding unprecedented access to each other


    Kg? Cm? Dammit I don’t know metric bullshit! Someone help me!

    Me, too.

    And if GZB273029 is 41, that picture’s at least ten years old.

  17. Having made several extended visits to China, one of the biggest contrasts between the US and China is the lack of sexualization of commerce that pervades the US media. After a few weeks over there, getting re-exposed to the US culture is like getting hit with a sex bat. I hardly think this is accidental, giving the amount of content control the Chinese government has. I think that, with over a billion people to think about, the last thing they want is a baby boom driven by the kind of sexual activity the western marketplace promotes. The content of all media there, entertainment as well as marketing, is remakably devoid of sexuality compared to the US. BTW, I am not moralizing here, it’s just an observation that strikes me every time I go there.

  18. Props to me (well, you know what I mean) for combining “re-exposed” and “sex bat” in a single sentence.

  19. It’s the Japanese “love hotel” model. It’ll be huge.

  20. I can also attest that the bushes beneath the empty-looking windows of foreign teacher dormitories are also popular- or bushes anywhere for that matter. Every Chinese park or green area has “bush patrol” at night.

  21. Kg? Cm? Dammit I don’t know metric bullshit! Someone help me!


    In google search type “120 lbs in kg” or “5ft 3in in cm”. Adjust English weight and height measurements to your taste before conversion.


    Note this even works in currency conversions though i’m not sure how up to date google is on exchange rates.

  22. When i was in Korea, they had these businesses called “video pang” or “video rooms.” They were like blockbuster video stores only they had small booths with TV’s so you could rent and watch your movie right in the store. Of course, young couples would get the room, but I don’t think they watched the movies.

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