Gitmo in the Rockies (Aspen Ideas Festival Edition)


From June 30 through July 6, The Aspen Institute and The Atlantic Monthly are hosting an "ideas" festival in, well, Aspen, Colorado. What are you missing out on, besides extra-long baking times? Here's an official (read: sent out by a P.R. firm in a spam email) highlight from Tuesday, July 1:

Tyne Daly and Sandra Day O'Connor kicked off the day at the Mercedes-Benz Sunrise Stretch, a warm-up session taught by one of Aspen's top yoga instructors.

More here.

Official Cagney & Lacey website here. Bonus points for first commenter to correctly say which one Tyne Daly played.

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  1. Uh, make that Lacey.

  2. You are disqualified, NoStar, for getting a 50% chance wrong the first time. I win.

  3. Wait, so was she the one with the big hips or the mannish one? Character names don’t help me.

  4. Dammit.

  5. Lacey was the laciest one, I think.

  6. Tyne Daly is one of the greatest living actresses. Say what you like about her acting. Tyne is, as far as I can tell, the only actress to allow herself to age without becoming a plastic freak face.

    More power to you Tyne! You look great!

  7. Bonus points for first commenter to correctly say which one Tyne Daly played.

    That should, of course, be “Bonus points for first commenter to say correctly which one Tyne Daly played.”

    Never mind that the split infinitive rule is entirely arbitrary and makes as much sense as the dangling participle rule. Rules are rules and as any real libertarian knows, for a magazine that calls itself reason, even though it was better back when Postrel was editor and before Kerry Howley and Jennifer had children and Mona canceled her subscription, such outrages are beyond evenwhatLoneWacko or DONDEROOOOOOO would put up with.

  8. i thought tyne daly was the original bosley. hm.

  9. I’m going to need a ruling on this. How many drinks after D.A. @2:30pm?

  10. How many drinks after D.A. @2:30pm?

    sometimes, you can’t put a value on work of art.

  11. Seriously, I get 4, maybe 5 (depending on whether you count that last sentence as a run-on violating joe’z Rule).

  12. Cagney and Lacey, though never popular, was a far sight better than most cop show drivel presented by the major networks.

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