Our Post-Partisan Utopia


Over at the American Prospect, reason Contributing Editor Julian Sanchez notes the heroism of the civil-rights-loving, anti-corporatist party:

A "compromise" usually involves parties in conflict each giving something up to seek a middle ground. So it was strange to see the term bandied about on Friday, when the House of Representatives—after holding strong for months against White House demands— passed a surveillance reform bill that will grant legal amnesty to telecoms that participated in the National Security Agency's program of warrantless wiretapping, and give George Bush carte blanche to continue listening to our international calls with only the most anemic court oversight.

The award for the most bald-faced lie on the House floor Friday…goes to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who insisted that the bill "does not allow warrantless surveillance of Americans." She is wrong. It does.

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