Next Up on the Homosexual Agenda: Ambiguous Parade Floats


Last year, authorities in Twin Falls, Idaho refused to allow a gay pride float in their annual "Western Days" parade. This year, they've given the go ahead to the Southern Idaho Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Community Center, albeit with some restrictions. Participants were told they could not display rainbows or "any references to homosexuality" on their pro-gay float. Progress!

The restrictions… resulted in a float bearing a cowboy-and-Indian diorama, signs such as "Who pays for school supplies?" and a giant question mark in the middle of it. Asked whether people understood the question mark, [spokesman Mitch Silvester] said he wasn't sure.

"That's the question," he said.

Either that, or "Who pays for school supplies?" Either way, check out Dave Weigel's excellent feature on Idaho's Butch Otter. 

Via Kip Esquire.