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Click above to watch a seven-minute video compilation of some of the highlights of the past few months on, including Drew Carey talking about medical marijuana, traffic congestion, and organ sales; Nick Gillespie slinging barbs with Pat Buchanan and Tucker Carlson; Matt Welch explicating the menace of John McCain for Bill Moyers; Jacob Sullum being threatened by Bill O'Reilly; Ron Paul talking up Radley Balko; Fox News' Greg Gutfeld and Drudge Report's Andrew Breitbart confessing that they were rejected for jobs at reason magazine; Anthony Bourdain praising foie gras; Christopher Hitchens singing secular Christmas songs; and much more.

And, as a special bonus: More ideologically confused hippies than you can shake a shotgun microphone at.

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  1. reason sucks

  2. Nick,
    You still not have explained your unreasonable logic in not putting quotation marks around, “Libertarian Democrat” when highlighting Terry Michael in two of your posts this week.
    Please do before 5:00pm, when I get off from work.
    Thank you.
    PS Michael in the first post tried to and he got his butt kicked.

  3. These videos have been a treat. Keep it up!

  4. I much prefer print to video for the consumption of verbal information. I originally had this thought yesterday as I transferred an unsolicited Reason DVD from my incoming mail to the trash, and was reminded of it by this thread.

    Audio would be second. E.g., I listen to Cato’s monthly CDs in my car.

  5. “I don’t think bigger government is better, but I’m all for socialized medicine.”

    Sadly, that is an all too common antidisestablishmentarianism. And a perfect example of why our government will continue to grow even as everyone hates it in one form or another.

  6. What gets me about the dimwitted chick who distrusts government but wants big government medicine is that she’s already WINNING. Our Obese government is *incredibly* involved already in medicine. That’s why it’s so expensive these days. And to think, this person probably votes, despite her contradictory positions.

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