Friday Fun Slash Vid


A parting shot before the weekend:

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  1. Needs more Sulu

  2. ST:TAS, clearly an underappreciated show.

  3. Needs more cowbell.

  4. Clearly, somebody has altogether too much time on his / her / its hands (appendages?). Perhaps someone who will never live like the common people?

    This would have been at least as entertaining without the slash component. With it, the clip was somewhat off-putting. On the other hand, some of the vocal synching was pretty amazing, I must admit.

    I was flipping channels the other night, and landed on Spike, where they were playing the Deep Space Nine episode about Bashir and O’Brien taking a trip in the spy Sloan’s dying brain to find a clue to saving Odo from death by plague. Throughout the script, they were just begging for Bashir/O’Brien slash fic. Watch it and see for yourself.

  5. Ha, I remember that cartoon.

  6. There’s always “The Sulu Dance.”

  7. Meh. That kinda sucked. This one is a lot more fun.

    (Awaiting outraged outburst from joe in 5,4,3,2,1…)

  8. In it’s own bizarre mixed-up way, that was…sigh…kind of cool.

  9. I re-watched the LotR series the other day. I can only imagine what kinds of slash fic that inspired…

  10. BakedPenguin:

    have you seen “Clerks 2”? That will give you a pretty good idea.

  11. You can’t slash Shatner with Shatner. He’s just too powerful. In every single performance he gives, no matter what the medium, maxes out the inherit potential. Each one is a super strong coffee meant to be savored individually. When you combine them you are left with a mess. Shatner’s “Common People” is right up there with Hendrix’s “All Along the Watchtower” as greatest cover of all time, but I actually prefer he frantic version he performed live on Conan to the studio version.

  12. This is the kind of thing my daughter does with Windows Movie Maker all the time.

    Of course she tends to use Invader Zim episodes and pop songs, but that what the kids dig.

  13. BTW,

    I seriously think that Shatner should do a whole album of Pulp covers.

  14. innominate one – I saw Clerks 2, but I’ve forgotten everything about it.

  15. Doesn’t have nearly the effect of the Kirk/Spock video of NIN’s Closer:

    It’s so well done it can be appreciated on a serious level as a good video for the song.

  16. I seriously think that Pulp should do a whole album of Shatner covers.

  17. Old Bull Lee: I love the Closer video, and in fact mention it in an article that’ll appear in the August/September issue. For a good discussion of it, go here.

  18. Oh — and I think Shatner and Pulp should team up to do an album of Joe Jackson covers.

  19. I think Shatner’s albums are jacked and their covers should be turned into pulp.

  20. Best hair William Shatner’s ever had.

  21. For great Shatnerian animations, you need look no further than the video for his cover of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

  22. The best episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series was the one where Spock goes back in time to prevent himself from being killed as a young boy on Vulcan.

    Although the one about the Kzinti, where Larry Niven adapted one of his short stories, was pretty cool too.

  23. Remember the song with these lyrics…?

    …Everyone’s a super hero. Everyone’s a Captain Kirk…

    Live version (This one is so bitchen choice! And Nena is so…well just check her.)

    Deutsch version!

  24. I actually enjoy these amateur sync/edit jobs on Youtube (in the old days we used to do it the “dinosaur” way by turning on some lame TV sitcom, while playing the Dead Kennedys or NWA on the stereo).

    Certainly makes Reason’s case for revamping of IP laws in the cyber age, as watching it (and other homemade productions) actually made me want to buy from I-tunes a copy of the song that I was previously unfamiliar with.

    So, the more gonzo video the better. This is probably my favorite amateur video edit:

    After all, who knew that that some white kid in 1965 invented “The Running Man” dance? (You go, Shermie!)

  25. Nena “99 Luftballons”-Deutsch version live!

  26. I really didn’t see any humor in the video.

    Seriously, who finds this funny?

  27. I was amused. But then, I suspect that I’m easily amused (the fact that I still don’t find “Ziggy” or “Marmaduke” particularly funny shall be considered highly pertinent).

  28. I would pay money to see/hear the Shatnerization of “Is She Really Going Out With Him?,” not to mention several other Joe Jackson tunes.

  29. Seriously, who finds this funny?

    Funny? No. Amusing and entertaining? You betcha. For an amateur project, not too bad.

    C’mon, don’t hate on the Shat.

  30. The greatest Star Trek animated episode would have been the one where they shrank, if only Uhura and Nurse Chapel hadn’t.

  31. Hi. I’m the guy who put this together.

    I’d like to thank everybody for their comments, both good and bad. I was actually doing this video for two reasons. The first was, obviously, to learn more about video editing. I am currently an audio engineer, but have always loved video editing, and recently purchased a new copy of Sony Vegas. This was one of my latest projects.

    The second, honest reason was that I love Shatner’s version of Common People more than Pulp’s original, and wanted to find a viral way to spread it. I wanted to learn Flash animation and actually make a video in the STYLE of The Animated Series, perhaps Josie and the Pussycats-ish, with Sulu playing Joe Jackson’s vocals, Chekov (the Monkee) on drums, and Spock on his Vulcan Harp (with wah-wah pedal), but then they released TAS on DVD and I thought, why not.

    The turning point: the cat alien lady, M’Hress I think, was supposed to be the love of Kirk’s life here, but a serendipitous moment occurred. While reviewing edits, one of the various video tracks I’d left on the track (the zooming in on Spock’s eye) just happened to link up with “That’s where I… caught her eye.” That’s when I saw the comic possibilities in it.

    And yes… it IS supposed to be humorous. I can understand people who find no humor in it. But if you oppose the K/S stories (and I admit not understanding how some are fascinated with them), there’s probably less than 20 seconds of footage in the five minute video that can even be considered ‘ghey.’ Heck, Chapel goes down on Spock.

    Also, I agree, the NIN video was better. a.) it looks better (nice plug-ins) and b.) wow that was all from ONE ep? Heavy.


  32. Hi kirkslashspock,

    Nice job and nice to have you on H&R!

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