About as Funny as a Fart in a Spacesuit


The main toilet aboard the International Space Station has broken down, forcing the three crew members to use the loo on the Soyuz escape craft that's permanently attached to the ISS, according to various media reports.

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  1. I’m glad they had a backup plan.

  2. ‘Cause as anyone who’s been to Wal-Mart’s bathrooms knows, privately funded bathrooms never break down. If the ISS had been privatized, the bathrooms would smell like vanilla in the morning and lilac in the afternoon.

  3. ‘Cause as anyone who’s been to Wal-Mart’s bathrooms knows

    Why am I reminded of Larry the Cable Guy’s routine on the guy super glued to the seat in the bathroom?

  4. OM,

    I thought that was Home Depot or Lowes? Mighthavebeen WM.

    About as Funny as a Fart in a Spacesuit

    Was all geared up for another climate change thread 🙁

  5. What good is an escape craft that is “permanently attached to the ISS”?

  6. Reminds me of a joke …

    What did Mr. Spock find in the toilet of the Enterprise?

    Captain’s log.

  7. What good is an escape craft that is “permanently attached to the ISS”?

    So the crew always knows where it is?

  8. Maybe the problems were caused by the kimchi that Yi So-yeon brought along with her.

  9. Cool Cat, then what’s that circling Uranus?

  10. Cling-ons

  11. Up shit orbit without a toilet. That has to suck. What a shitty situation to be in.

  12. So these guys trapped themselves… in outer space… with a toilet made in Russia.

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