Out of the Cellar on WBAL


Attn. Bal'moreans: I'll be on Ron Smith's terrific 1090-AM radio show at 12:45 3:45* Inner Harbor time, to talk about Rat City.

* sorry about that.

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  1. What a great yet sad article Matt. I love Washington and love living there. It is like an old lover who can’t stay off the booze; she always looks worse for wear but you love her anyway.

    CNN had a report a few years ago about a guy who lived in NW Washington who took his Jack Russell terrier out every night to kill rats as a way of exercising and entertaining his dog. Jack Russells are first class ratters. Maybe Washington could put together some kind of citizen auxiliary of terrier owners who meet up a few nights a week and turn their Carins, Jack Russells, Boder Terriers and the like lose in allys and dumpsters of Washington.

  2. I believe you misspelled Bal’morons…

    (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

  3. Heh. Rat…t. Out of the Cellar…Next I’ll be singing that damn song and seeing Milton Berle…Damn you, Welch!

  4. Dean,

    I believe the proper term is “Crackmorians”.

  5. Matt, I think you might be stuck on West Coast time still. Ron Smith isn’t on the air at 12:45 Inner Harbor time, and C4 wasn’t talking to you at that time…

  6. Shaz-bot! You are of course correct…. (I’m in L.A. at the moment, and very confused.) Sorry about that.


  8. Matt, why do you hate your pregnant wife?

    The editor in question (Matt Welch) hates his pregnant wife so much that he moved her from a beautiful palm-lined street in Southern California to a rickety “row house” in the rat ghetto…


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