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Friday Mailbag & Food Forum


Sam Steri writes to reason:

Do not be fooled…the "Zesty Taco/Chipotle Ranch" collision of today (2008), the prior "Taco" flavor of 1990-2007, the bogus "Taco Bell" flavor of 1980-1990, are all NOT the same as the Original Taco Doritos made from 1967-1979. These "original" taco Doritos chips were the best chips ever made on the planet. Just a pure, genius, combination of pure spices and taco seasoning with no preservatives. This is unlike the awful sour cream, cheese, milk ingredients, artificial color and chemical preservatives of today's "Taco" chips that make them disgusting and even tasting the same as nacho cheese flavor… A TACO CHIP SHOULD HAVE A TACO TASTE. I agree whole heartedly with James Merritt…..I also have contacted Frito Lay roughly 50 times to express my disgust with their current product…..They will NOT listen, and they have not produced the original taco flavor in close to 30YEARS NOW!!!!

I have nothing to add to that, so instead I'll pose a question to our readers. I have a vivid but dubious childhood memory of reading the back of a bag of Doritos and encountering the PR-gone-haywire sentence, "Doritos are simply a more enjoyable way of eating corn." Does anyone else out there remember seeing this, or did I dream the whole thing?

Bonus link: The history of the tortilla chip.