How Do You Get Yourself a Handsome reason Polo?


Like the one Glenn Harlan Roberts Reynolds is wearing for his modeling shoot over to the left?

Well, you can't, at least in the color black (as far as I can tell).

However! Cafe Press has this shirt in white, plus yer baseball jersey, "classic thong" (made in the USA!), infant creeper, and much much more, all at our reasonably priced Cafe Press store.

Better yet, you freeloading "Internet generation" types should subscribe to the damned magazine already, for the so-low-it's-sinful price of $19.97 per year. Those who are already signed up will soon be receiving a handsome May issue that will stun you about the way the trillion-dollar war is being financed, outrage you at how an innocent family was imprisoned based on the testimony of jailhouse snitches, and change the very way you think about the production of energy (let alone the powering of monolithic desert art-slugs). Do it, and soon enough, photographers will be staking you out the balcony of your vacation getaways.