Nanny State

"What the Matter with the Beer We Got?"


Alabama's legislators are a hardworking bunch. And after a long day of legislating (or should that be legislatin'?), they sometimes like to sit back and have a cold, frosty beer with less that 6 percent alcohol. Why 6 percent, you ask? That's the legal limit on the alcohol content of beer in the state. Last year, a legislator proposed raising that limit to 13.9 percent, thus permitting the sale of craft beers, and the measure failed to make it to the floor. Again this year, the topic came up, and when it did, the chamber was graced with this deep, introspective, and wide-ranging declamation from state Rep. Alvin Holmes (D-Montgomery):

"What's the matter with the beer we got? I mean, the beer we got drink pretty good, don't it? I ain't never heard nobody complain about the, uh, beer we have. It drink pretty good, don't it? Budweiser. What's the names of some of them other beers?…"

Skip ahead to hear this rhetorical feat at 5:33 in the embedded video, which is also full of lots of helpful facts about Atlanta'sAlabama's great gourmet beer debate.

Via Jacob Grier