An Affront to the Dignity of Labradoodles


Apparently, you can rent a fluffy, happy dog in San Diego–provided you are willing to cough up a $299 startup fee, $49.99 a month, and a PETA-approved promise to treat the animal well while it's in your care.  The service doesn't seem to be available in Boston yet, but forward thinking Massachusetts legislators, led by Rep. Paul Frost, have already drawn up a bill banning the practice:

[Rep. Paul K. Frost] said he is a dog lover and owner of a chocolate Labrador retriever named Reeses and a golden retriever named Snickers.

"I know what kind of bond there is with a dog. You don't rent out members of your family," he said.

But you do buy family members as children and neuter them! (If you're responsible.)

"I normally side with the free market, which dictates what is successful, but this is breaking new ground. Concerns are valid. The legislation deserves a public hearing. Let's give the company a chance to show the benefits of this business, and let's give a voice to those who have concerns."

Oh, now I see. Attempting to ban a business is just giving a company the chance to demonstrate its utility. Plus:

Ray McSoley, owner of Animal Behavior Associates in Westwood, said, "I have no problem with ambassador dogs at hotels, but renting a dog is a four-legged escort service. It devalues all parties."

I'm pretty sure I don't want to follow that train of thought too far, but the rest of the article is here. 

Via Kip Esquire.